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Mahmood Elahi via Dhimmi Watch:

Why is there no outrage against the Taliban and al-Qaeda killing Muslims? They do it in the name of Islam. As Prof. Hoodbhoy points out: "The militants are using America as a smokescreen for their real agenda. These fanatics dream of transforming the country into a religious state where they will be the law. They stone women to death, cut off limbs, threaten beard-shaving barbers with death, blow up girls schools at a current rate of two per week, forbid music, punish musicians, destroy 2,000-year-old statues. ... Pakistanis tolerate these narrow-minded, unforgiving men because they claim to fight for Islam."

Most do. Some are simply scared. The real question is: why don't many Muslims who live in the West criticize these demons?

Possible answer: Because that is the true nature of their religion.


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