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An Intolerant Muslim!

The Calgary Sun:

Attacking a Jewish girl and the friends who came to her rescue has landed a Muslim man a one-year jail sentence.

Why did he attack the Jewish girl?

Taj approached the group around 10:45 p.m. and asked "who's Jewish." Nichola Cordato, then 16, stated "me" and Taj grabbed her and said, "I'm Muslim and hate Jews."

Bonus points for honesty.

Before sentencing, McCaffrey called evidence of a similar assault a year earlier in which Taj approached a black male at an LRT station and assaulted him.

Keak Khor said Taj swore at him for being Sudanese and African before he and another man attacked him.

One of these days Taj will get all that hate returned with interest.

Link via Jihad Watch.


Saul Wall

"Taj swore at him for being Sudanese and African before he and another man attacked him."

Okay, the knee-jerk antisemitism I can at least fathom because in a "mind" like Taj's there are all sorts of evil plots and ploys involved in being Jewish which you could technically disown by converting to Islam (If you were insane and stuff). Maybe in a warped sense he thinks that beatings and intimidation might help the Jews he hates either convert to Islam or to be too afraid to admit to Judaism publicly, thus "cleansing" his world. But what does this guy think beating someone for being Black and Sudanese will accomplish. Are people like his victim going to suddenly say "Hey, alright! I have seen the error of my ways. I am going to stop being a Black Sudanese man. Let me just get in my time machine, prevent my parents from hooking up, then force my incarnation into a nice Arab family in Algeria."

This guy hates certain people for existing - simply existing and I wish people could remember that when they list all the potential "justifications" for the violence of "oppressed" terrorists.

Saul Wall

"before he and another man attacked him."

I just realized that this means that this half-wit actually has a friend - or at least an assaulting partner. I guess stupidity loves company too.


Just sent him off to a deep south maximum security prison, or San Quentin. I hear they love guys like him. He'll fit in.

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