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Thought Experiments:

Cashmore is 'professor' of Culture, Media and Sport, surely the Andrex of academic disciplines. You can listen to him on the website - it's the programme about celebrity - he appears at about twenty minutes. You may need a new laptop as these machines don't take kindly to being flung across the room. The gist of what Cashmore said was contained in his line 'Cultures are no better or worse than each other'.

Only with higher education can one become that stupid.

Read the rest.

Link via Samizdata.


Jim C.

"Only with higher education can one become that stupid."

Or as Orwell put it, "One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that: no ordinary man could be such a fool."

Isaac Schrödinger

Orwell truly captured their essence with that line. Thank heavens for 'ordinary' men.

Mike Austin

Dear Isaac:

I once had the extreme displeasure to teach under a principal who often prattled about “all cultures are equal.” She regularly lectured us with such brilliance at faculty meetings. She was a 300 pound lesbian, which did not help matters. Once after one of her tirades, I was tempted to ask her if cultures that executed lesbians was OK with her, but I remained quiet. Alas.

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