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Afghanistan Heats Up, Again

Times Online:

Afghanistan is replacing Iraq as the destination of choice for international jihadists, Western intelligence agencies claim. Analysts have monitored a surge in online recruitment of “lions of Islam” to join the war in Afghanistan through jihadist websites, particularly in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Chechnya and Turkey, in the past year.


“Iraq is seen as a defeat. The image of Afghanistan is seen as a more pristine jihad.”

The Times has learnt from several insurgency sources that Abu Yusuf Saleh al-Yemeni, an emissary for al-Qaeda, met the leadership of Hizb-e-Islami, the Afghan insurgent group, in Nuristan province on the eastern border in autumn 2007. The two sides agreed to work together. Al-Yemeni now leads a band of al-Qaeda fighters alongside Hizb-e-Islami fighters, as well as Taleban and Pakistani militants from bases in Nuristan.

This is good news since there is more support for Allied troops in Afghanistan than in Iraq. Therefore, there's more at stake for nations other than the US. This Afghan strategy will, in due time, backfire for the Jihadists. When Iraq is fully on her feet, where will the restless -- and experienced! -- Americans go?

To where the Jihadist scum is collecting itself.

Link via Armies of Liberation.


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