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Bruce Bawer: The Times, It Ain’t a-Changin’.

Routinely, news organizations suppress, downplay, or misrepresent developments that reflect badly on Islam; they go out of their way to find stories that reflect (or that can be spun in such a way as to reflect) positively on it; and they publish professors and intellectuals and “experts” like Feldman, who share the media’s determination to obscure the central role of jihadist ideology in the current clash between Islam and Western democracy and to point the finger instead (as Feldman does) at European racism.

This is a particular Western disease that I don't fully understand. It's easy to see why vast majorities in Muslim nations blame the Jews and the West for their failures because they don't want to even remotely equate Islam with disaster. But why do so many Westerners blame themselves for being the innocent recipients of copious amounts of halaal loathing?


Saul Wall

Well, if you want to get people to accept your position that your political enemies (capitalists; people who work hard and succeed at things without the help of the state) are the source of all the evil coming from the West then you first have to convince them that there is lots of evil is coming from the West. For that you need the sky to be falling in an environmental sense and you need democracy and free enterprise to be an evil tyranny while theocratic tribalism and Godly feudalism to be the misunderstood victims of it.

Islamists' hate of the West is used as proof of the need for a social revolution of socialist social justice. Sociologically speaking of course.


"But why do so many Westerners blame themselves for being the innocent recipients of copious amounts of halaal loathing?"

Because to say we are responsible for the terrorists in the world is a way to say we can control this wolf. If we believe we made him, then that means we control him. We can unmake him. Such a worldview appeals to the left, because it gives them Godlike Mental Powers. All we have to do is act differently and he will go away. It's complete moral cowardice, of course - but it's understandable cowardice. It's denial, because if all the sins are ours then all we must do is repent and the wolf will go away.


Cafe Alpha

As much as I like some of Bill Whittle's writing, I think Saul understands the left much better.


Read about Gramsci's approach to bring Communism to the West, and you'll understand where the roots of the loathing really come from.

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