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Indigo Jo Blogs:

The BBC have reported that a sister named Bushra Noah, who was refused a job as a hair stylist because the potential employer regarded her headscarf as being incompatible with the funky image of her salon and thought a hair stylist should have her own hair on display, has won £4,000 compensation. The compensation was for hurt feelings produced by a 15-minute interview

From now on, I'm sure, employers will have a greater incentive to hire headscraf-clad women.

The salon owner said she could not understand why someone who was against the display of hair would be in the hair industry, which strikes me as odd, because Muslims are not against the display of hair per se - just its public display.

Yeah, that would have satisfied the salon owner. "But my hair is so spectacularly beautiful ... in private."



There's a scene in here which I think you'll agree accurately summarizes how pathetic and juvenile the Muslim take on hiding a woman's hair is. You'll know it when you see it ;)

Isaac Schrödinger

Is it the informative magazine part of the video?

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