The Joys of Being a Muslim
So Pleasing

The Muslim Immigrant


I am not pro assimilation. I support that people be seen as different parts of mosaic that together forms a beautiful piece with various colours and backgrounds. I don’t want to assimilate into a foreign culture and I don’t want to force them to assimilate into mine. I never wanted to assimilate into a Christian British culture; British culture today is so varied that there can and does exist a prominent Muslim British culture. When the colonists came to East India they did not start wearing a dhoti kurta. They did not assimilate and there is no reason why people from various ethnic backgrounds should be asked to assimilate blindly into the Western cultures. But the British were the colonists and not immigrants. There is a difference.

It seems that the last two sentences undercut the whole point of the paragraph.

Later on in the post:

In the past three months, four friends have said they have lost their spirituality. I am terrified.

Only four had the courage to come forward and admit that they refuse to be Allah's slaves. The true number is likely higher. Be very terrified!



In other words, she admits that in her mind she is a colonist, and not an immigrant

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