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Tambi Dude emailed these two links.

1. 23 students suspended:

The Punjab Medical College (PMC), Faisalabad, through a notification issued on June 6, rusticated twenty-three medical students belonging to the Ahmadi sect for distributing hate material in the college. The rustication was reported in various sections of newspapers on Friday, but a formal notice was issued later that day.

PMC Principal Asghar Ali Randhawa told Daily Times that he had rusticated the students on the report of the disciplinary committee. He said that he had formed another committee to probe into the issue, and would accommodate the Ahmadi students if the committee found them innocent.

They weren't found guilty of anything. They were told to stay away because:

Asked if the rustication was a clear message to Ahmadi students were no longer welcome in the college, he said that the students had been suspended, and the word rustication had been used to cool down the students who did not want Ahmadis in the college.

Imagine the global outrage if Muslim students at a college in the US were suspended because most of the student body didn't want to be around Muslims.

2. Pakistani cops go after dangerous criminals:

Police in Khushab district have registered a case against five Ahmadis, including two pre-teens, for subscribing to the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiya’s monthly children’s magazine Tasheezul Azhan, Daily Times has learnt.

According to the first information report, the complainant, an officer of the Intelligence Bureau, submitted to the Khushab district police officer (DPO) that the magazine is “banned literature” and contains “hate material”. A brief study of the 50-page magazine showed no obvious “hate material” against any group, and the articles were restricted to discussions about Ahmadi beliefs.

Isn't that rich? A nation-state that explicitly discriminates against Ahmadis is charging Ahmadis for supposedly distributing "hate material". Perhaps the Pakistani authorities can direct their attention at the hundreds of madrassas across the country which poison young minds with hatred for the Jews and infidels in general.

Or they can continue to go after a tiny, peaceful minority.



Almost without fail, anything that is labeled "hate material" is probably just unpopular speech or ideas. I mean, don't you have to hate the majority in order to express different ideas than what the majority holds dear?

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