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Jihad Watch gets a disturbing message from an Iranian ex-Muslim:

It is with great regret that I inform all freedom loving people of the world that the Mullahs' terrorist regime is about to execute one of Iran's finest thinkers, a true patriot, scholar and historian.

Dr. Foroud Fouladvand is a dedicated monarchist, a Ferdousi expert as well as expert on the history of Iran and Islam.


In January 2007, the agents of the Mullahs' secret police arrested and smuggled these three men into Iran, where they were imprisoned and were subjected to torture.

A commenter writes:

The irony of this matter is mind-blowing: Qur'an teaches murder and hatred, man speaks out about the murder and hatred, man is then hated and murdered (as instructed by the Qur'an). It's like watching the merry-go-round from hell - that has no brakes.

The icing: Remember, Islam means peace!


Saul Wall

It really does mean peace, in the way that Ronald Reagan once said during the Cold War - something to the effect of "You can have peace and you can have it in this very second... by surrender."

Iran is burning. Its people want freedom and they are learning that Islam will not provide it. Ever. The regime is in a state of panic and they have no solution. Time is running out. Natan Sharanski was right.

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