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Is America (Still) Great?

The Apostate:

Our leaders, the best among them, don’t do a very good job of representing our values. Half of them are in power to prevent government from actually doing anything useful — on principle, because dammit! they believe in “small government.”


The people give generously to charities for services the government should be providing.

Since when was it the job of the US government to provide money for charity? There are tons of charities that one might not support. Why should any government take your money and distribute it among them?

I'd rather have the government not tax me for that sort of stuff; I don't mind giving money to worthy causes -- causes which I doubt the government would finance.

Still if you're feeling generous, here's a sample letter for the feds.

"Dear Federal Government,

I have so little time and energy for charities. So, here's [insert amount of money]. I trust you'll use it well!

Hugs and Kisses
[Insert name.]"

Moving on:

The people vote. The people fight. It’s not their fault that they are being systematically disenfranchised and it’s not their fault they don’t have the time, between holding down two jobs and taking care of their kids and doing the housework, to look up “the issues” on candidates’ websites.

So ... whose fault is it?

Working with what's given, there's a lesson here: Manage your lifestyle and don't have too many kids so that you can follow "the issues" on candidates' websites.

Or you can cut down on the TV viewing a little.

“Freedom” rings hollow when one examines America’s recent crimes against human rights at home and abroad.

America has poured hundreds of billions of dollars into the grand enterprise of establishing democracy, freedom and human rights in Afghanistan and Iraq. There are no guarantees; history will eventually decide if she fails or succeed.

There is, however, nothing criminal about this matter. If you want to see "crimes against human rights", then just look at the other side.

You don’t have to have a college education or any kind of authority to have faith in your humanity in this country — as an American, you are free. I hope this spirit prevails over the impending disasters and Americans, when it comes down to it, fight to keep their freedom. They’ve lost it already on the books.

I'm a bit dense to see that loss.

P.S. Yes, Larry and I are buying guns if the jackboots do come. Larry’s always been an anti-gun liberal [...]

Some freedoms can be compromised.

A commenter asked why The Apostate supports Hillary over Obama. The answer starts off thusly:

For me personally? Because she’s a woman.

I wonder what the reaction would be if someone asked a Democrat, "Why do you support Obama over Hillary?" and the answer was, "Because he's a man. (Not much of one but still a man!)"

Later in another comment:

DCC, about letting the people off easy… I didn’t use to. But think about it: They did elect both Gore and Kerry, you know? If the Republicans stole two elections, that is NOT the fault of the people.

Wow. They "stole" the one in 2004 as well by winning the electoral college again. Why those dastardly Republicans!

By the way, the answer to the question is a resounding, "Hell Yeah!"


Saul Wall

It seems that America has been violating humanity's right to live under and exercise tyranny. The elected governments of Iraq and Afghanistan have asked for America's continued presence; the people have not demonstrated en mass or even to a significant extent to demand these governments reverse that stand and the only ones who do seem to oppose America's presence and the reconstruction program express their opinion by blowing up civilians. But it it these few bombers who we must listen to because tyranny has the right to exist. It was here before Democracy was even invented and so has the right of first dibs or something like that.

The right of Iraqis and Afghanis to not live under violent regimes of intimidation, force, torture and poverty are nothing when compared to the rights of car bombers to not be laughed at when naked.

Tyranny is a victim of habitat loss due to greedy Americans and must be protected. These are not rogue nations, they are wildlife preserves for totalitarianism.

Urban Scorpion

You are correct, hehe. It is not the government's job to give charity.

A lesson learned by a long-dead great American.


The Apostate idiotically ignores the fact that had "small government" principles been consistently applied, would not be fighting the "War on Terror" in the first place.

I can't expect intelligence from a liberal. If they were smart enough to be mildly consistent, they'd be a libertarian.

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