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Saul Wall

Making good use of his time by helping to deprive suckers of their money in order to support unproductive activity; he must be a leftist.

The key to being a good beggar is to give the impression that you are incapable of real work. That sign certainly helps. At least he isn't sporting a daily outlay of ten bucks worth of hair gel with green dye and $60 worth of face piercings like the last "homeless" guy who asked me for change. It is one thing to give something to someone who is obviously a junkie and who could use a meal or a fix on his way to his near certain death or to a severely mentally ill dude who is just not going to hold a job or residence anywhere - and if someone scams me on that score then that is their sleaze and I don't regret trying to help. But when it comes to supporting people's "non-conformist" lifestyle I have some crap on a cracker they could munch on first.

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