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An excellent topic is discussed at Uncommon Knowledge:

Professor Bruce Thornton of Cal State Fresno describes a European civilization that after twenty-five centuries is drawing to an end. He lists the symptoms: Economies are less adaptable and competitive because of an enormous regulatory burden; social welfare entitlements are incredibly expensive; and, demographically, Europeans simply aren’t reproducing. At the source of this demise is a loss of the foundational belief system that created the West — that created Europe — in the first place.

The interview -- The Decline and Fall of Europe -- is divided into five parts. Here are the links: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5.



For Judaism, the concept of damnation because you are not Jewish is non-existant. There is a constant admonition in the Torah to "Treat the stranger as yourselves for you were once slaves in the Land of Egypt". For Jews it is action that counts, not Grace or zealotry. There was never any great thrust for conversion, other than some of King Herod's actions. Conversions came of their own volition. There is some idea in Judaism that that belief in God is not neccesary, only that His commandments be followed.

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