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I won't pass.

"You're" is a contraction of "you are". It is appropriate anywhere you could say "you are". The apostrophe really is necessary, as it is in all contractions, and it goes where the letters were that you take out ("do not" = don't"). An apostrophe also goes in the place of the "g" in "ing" when it is left out, usually when very colloquial speech is quoted.

"Your" is the possessive of "you". If English were a perfect language, it would be "you's". As it is, no apostrophe. It is not the same word as "you're" at all. For instance: "You're hurting your chances."

To "lose" is to not win something. The opposite of a winner is a loser. A "looser" would be a person who unlocks or unties something and turns it loose.

Typically, a word for a religion or an adherent of a religion is capitalized.

It is also always correct to capitalize the first word of a sentence.


"You stupid bastards don't know what you're talkin' about. You're just a bunch of losers with nothing better to do than [to] discriminate [against] Muslims. If you think you're so brave[,] why not leave your address[?]"

There, fixed it.

Isaac Schrödinger



Go ahead and post your address. Do it with the same atrocious grammar and spelling and they'll never find you.

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