The Price of Free Speech

Whitewashing the Issue

Umar Lee:

It seems that our friends from Little Green Footballs, Gateway Pundit and Republican Riot, you know those good white patriotic Christians filled with the love of Jesus, are whipping up a controversy about the building of a minaret ( which is near completion) in South St. Louis at the Madina Masjid.The Madina Masjid, or Islamic Community Center is a predmonaitly Bosnian Masjid led by Imam Muhammad Hasic that was set up to serve the large Bosnian refugee population in St. Louis ( the largest in the nation).

Without providing any excerpts or quotes, Lee writes:

The call that these right-wing blogs is one of vigilante justice to take down the minaret and this would not be new in St. Louis and would not be new in America. Previous calls to white youth have been given out in the past and the response has come in the forms of lynchings and arsons and this is just the latest example that, despite what they may say, these people are the inheritors of the legacy of the Klan.

So, if a white person opposes the building of a hideous minaret with loudspeakers, then that fellow is a closet Klan member?

The funny thing is, as Lee acknowledges, that most of these Muslims are Bosnians; they're white! It's not their race that's the issue. They're being opposed for their Islamic supremacy and noise pollution. Yet, Lee still goes on to hammer the race square into the religious hole.


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