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The Charming Islamist

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Muhammad Tahir:

If anyone was under the misapprehension that the spawning of new sects to sew discord amongst Muslims was an old trick confined to the dustbin of colonial history, better think again.

The unholy West just won't quit!

This just in from Indonesia: western news outlets are reporting the arrest and trial of a certain Ahmad Moshaddeq who claims to be a prophet in the same manner as Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Asia-Pacific news quotes the number of his followers to be ~40,000.

One can guess the result.

Understandably, such proclamations of prophethood caused an outrage in Indonesia, whose population is over 90% Muslim.

Here's the undeniable "proof" of the connection between this modern prophet and the nefarious West:

If there was any doubt that most of these false prophets are nothing more than agent provacateurs one need only gauge the outcry in the western press over "religious intolerance" when local religious authorities try to clarify the issue of such proclamations taking one out of the fold of Islam. Furthermore, the local governments are usually taken to task for "treatment of religious minorities" if steps are made to calm the resultant public unrest by arresting such individuals.

It's amazing how nonchalantly and casually the author makes these two points:

  1. A Muslim cannot leave his religion. Therefore, anyone who makes such an attempt or anyone who influences a Muslim in such a negative manner deserves to be arrested.
  2. Muhammad is the last prophet. A person who says otherwise hurts the tender sensibilities of Muslims. Therefore, the hurt Muslims should be appeased; that person should be thrown in jail.

Remember, this totalitarian mindset is good. Those who oppose it -- liberal Westerners -- are the evil ones.

The other interesting thing about spontaneous deviant sects is that they invariably espouse "moderate" forms of Islam that are more palatable to the West: religion confined to a private and individualised "hobby" and the West is our friend (and sponsor...).

That's right. Islam should be publicly enforced and -- this can't be repeated often enough -- the West is the wicked enemy of Muslims.


Classical Liberal

So much for "no compulsion in religion"!


Ahmad Moshaddeq - another one of our agents exposed. Too bad.

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