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Umar Lee:

For those of you familiar with the trains in DC there are always two or four seats in the very back removed from everyone else and that is where I like to sit and I always look to them when getting on the train. Today, when getting on, I looked at the seat and saw what I thought was a deranged lunatic escaped from an insane asylum.

This man had a crazy look on his face, a wrinkled shirt that appeared to be some kind of hospital gown, and a wild unkept nappy beard with hair to match it. I looked for the bracelet on his arm but did not see one and just sat back and relaxed. A few stops later the guy got up to get off the train and I realized that, instead of being some kind of mental patient, this guy was a Muslim.

What's the difference?



"The light-blue shirt was not a hospital gown but rather a wrinkled thobe that looked like it had been donated by the Muslim Goodwill"

Muslim Goodwill? Yeah right!

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