A Match for the Ages
Fierce Feynman


Jim C.

at least for a man's bicycle.

Cafe Alpha

They got the design of bicycles backwards. It's boy's bikes that the the nut destroying bar across.

Or maybe no one remembers the one gear bikes that came in a girl's form (with the low bar for dresses).

When I was a kid, my first bike was one of those. I think Dad got it free. At least he repainted it, riding a girl's bike in pink would have been a bit much.

The first time I rode it on my own, a neighborhood bully tried to "play chicken" and force me down - the bikes did go down, but he was on bottom of the pile, both bikes next, and me, unhurt, on top.

Cafe Alpha

So I resented having a girl's bicycle until I tried a boy's one and busted my nuts a few times... Then I slightly appreciated that I got the less painful design.

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