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Will Muslims Love Obama?

Ummah Pulse:

Even if Barack convinces people of the preposterous nature of these claims, he still can't win with the likes of Daniel Pipes who argues, " would more mainstream Muslims respond to him, would they be angry at what they would consider his apostasy? That reaction is a real possibility, one that could undermine his initiatives toward the Muslim world." Somehow, I don't think Pipes' sudden and uncharacteristic consideration of Islamic sensitivities can be taken as genuine, after all this is the man who has made a career for himself out of trampling on Muslim feelings.

Note that the author doesn't tackle the very real point made by Pipes: Most Muslims will not like an apostate as President of the US.


Cafe Alpha

If you follow the link to Ummah, you'll see that I'm in the fray, suggesting that honest reportage is not a "sin" as it were.

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