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What the Hell is Wrong with Canada?

Mark Steyn:

As it happens, my review of "Little Mosque On The Prairie" is one of the subjects of the Islamic Congress' "human rights" complaint against me. Very odd to live in a world where a sitcom critique is a "hate crime". Nevertheless, the plaintiffs allege (page 44) that I hurl some very serious accusations:

9. Moderate Muslims are a rarity; Moderate Muslims who are actually funny are an even greater rarity.

Small Dead Animals:

Your tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen: government commissions are now being used to settle disputes over whether or not "Little Mosque on the Prairie" is funny.

That's not funny!


Saul Wall

Someone on the internet ought to make a sitcom based on human rights commissions in Canada. Done with sock puppets for added realism since I remember recently a story about an HRC making anonymous blog comments a pseudo-crime and then making such comments themselves.

The could call the new sitcom "The Fishin' Commission" or something.


Better watch out, Isaac. You're treading the line.


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