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Dhimmi Watch: Yusuf al-Qaradawi to be granted visa for medical treatment in Britain.

Just a few questions for al-Qaradawi: First, having previously traveled to France for medical care, why is it that you find yourself dependent on the West for advanced care? Why not Riyadh? Or Cairo, Dubai, or Islamabad? Second, having defended the execution of homosexuals, suppose while you're getting medical care in the West, a gay doctor saves your life. Would you rather he didn't? Should he still have to die?

Of course. One can substitute gay for ex-Muslim and the answer would still be the same. It simply doesn't matter how moral, rational, smart, nice or productive the individual is; if Islam demands your death, then that's it. Islam, to them, is morality.

Anyway, the more important question is: What the hell is wrong with Britain?



I hope they get an ex-muslim Doctor to treat him, and 5 gay male nurses to tend to him.

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