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Umar Lee: Disrespect for Muslims From Top to Bottom.

I'll focus on the top.

The candidates were arguing about the American response to the Iranian speed-boat incident the other day and Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee said something along the lines of “if they would have come any closer they would have been introduced to the virgins they are looking forward to seeing” at which point the crowd erupted in cheers and laughter.

You will not see many Muslim leaders or organizations who have access to the media condemning this statement by Sen. Thompson and the track record on this issue is very poor. And, for the record, I am no fan of the regime in Iran; but this was a swipe at all Muslims.

Thompson was specifically referring to the thugs in the Iranian navy. How does that response translate to all Muslims?

Now if Muslims do believe that martyrs get 72 hymen-regenerating virgins in heaven, well then the majority of the world will, as it should, laugh at them. The problem isn't the laughter, it's the idiotic belief system.


Josh Scholar

Didn't someone over at infidel bloggers who actually reads Arabic point out that the horises or whatever these are, are a masculine noun.. ?

I'm not saying that angels with hymen problems are men, they've got the scattered pearl boys for that, but it's pretty confusing.

And what's with the regenerating hymens anyway, is that so that sex is painful, every damn time? If your angels aren't crying and screaming when you fuck them then it isn't good rape - was that Mohammad's idea? Jesus. Mohammad actually said all of this stuff didn't he? Muslim heaven sounds like something out of the Marquis de Sade.

Isaac Schrödinger

For most, I don't think that has to do with pain. It's more likely that since many Muslims think of non-virgins as "dirty," they'd prefer to have heavenly sex with a "clean" girl on every re-try.

Still, it's amusing to see that Muslims are taught to be "good" in this world so that eventually they can enter an eternal, "pearl"-laden, orgy-filled whorehouse.

And they have the gall to say that the West is obsessed with sex.

Josh Scholar

Well, I guess my point of view as someone who's saying, "what fucked up stories this nut case made up," is completely different than the way some cultist takes it. I have to imagine being really stupid and saying "wow. oh wow" a lot.



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