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A "Suicide" Statistic

Terrible news from Kamangir:

Ebrahim Latif Allahi (Persian: ابراهیم لطف اللهی) was killed under torture. He studied law in Paiam Noor University in Sanandaj and was arrested about two weeks ago by the Intelligence. Reportedly, his family has been informed that “he has committed suicide in the prison” but that “his body is already buried”. His family is under pressure to not spread the news.

Alcohol, Pigs, Dogs, and Now Books

Daily Express via IBA:

Shopper Sally Friday felt publicly humiliated at a branch of Marks & Spencer when she tried to pay for First Bible Stories as a gift for her young grandson.

When she put the book on the check-out counter, the young assistant refused to touch it, declared it was unclean and summoned another member of staff to serve instead.

What conviction! This Muslim woman has no problem deriving, likely, the majority of her income from the sale of "unclean" books but, my goodness, touching one is out of the question!

She could have easily scanned the book but then the opportunity of communicating a polite f%@k you to a Christian lady would have passed.

The Quran and the Nazis

MikeT provided a link in the comments to some amazing news:

Islam watchers blogged all weekend about news that a secret archive of ancient Islamic texts had surfaced after 60 years of suppression. Andrew Higgins' Wall Street Journal report that the photographic record of Koranic manuscripts, supposedly destroyed during World War II but occulted by a scholar of alleged Nazi sympathies, reads like a conflation of the Da Vinci Code with Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail.

If serious research goes ahead, then the reaction will make the response to the Muhammad cartoons look like a picnic.

In 2005, Puin published a collection of articles under the title, Die dunklen Anfange. Neue Forschungen zur Entstehung und fruhen Geschichte des Islam ("The dark beginnings: new research on the origin and early history of Islam," Hans Schiller Verlag, 2005). This drew on the work of the pseudonymous German philologist "Christoph Luxenburg", who sought to prove that incomprehensible passages in the Koran were written in Syriac-Aramaic rather than Arabic. Luxenburg's thesis became notorious for explaining that the "virgins" provided to Islamic jihadis in paradise were only raisins. The Koran, according to the research of Puin and his associates, copied a great deal of extant Christian material.

Since Muhammad was illiterate, this explanation is more plausible than the, er, "fact" that the angel Jibrael revealed the Quran to him.

Apart from the little group at the University of the Saarland and a handful of others, though, the Western Academy is loathe to go near the issue. In the United States, where Arab and Islamic Studies rely on funding from the Gulf States, an interest in Koranic criticism is a failsafe way to commit career suicide.

A lot more than the career would get killed, I'd say.

The Quran and, by extension, Muhammad are two areas where any criticism can be deadly for the host. This is because the authenticity of Islam is firmly linked with them. A true Muslim is, thus, forever stuck in the dark, seventh century.

Another reader emailed this link to a Wall Street Journal piece.

This Fickle Freedom

I was a refugee claimant in 2006. I had asked Canada for protection partly because a lot of the material posted on my blog would be considered offensive by Muslims in Pakistan -- my birth-country. Furthermore, the Pakistani state would have persecuted me for my opinion of Muhammad.

I wanted the liberty to say, write and think whatever I wanted on the topic of Islam. I wanted the dignity of freedom.

One won't find that in Alberta, Canada in 2008. There, in an Orwellian court, a publisher was brought forth for the terrible act of printing cartoons. The fact that Ezra Levant even has to appear in the clownish court is a win for the Islamists: Saudi Arabia is, was, and for some time will remain, a sharia-infested hell but in a tiny corner of the liberal West, because of a Saudi goon, a publisher was grilled about his "intent" behind showcasing some drawings.

In a saner world Saudi Arabia would be furiously trying to emulate Canada, not the other way around.

The West is torn apart rhetorically everywhere but Islam is outside the bounds of criticism in Muslim-majority nations. Now, after this thuggery by a "human rights" commission, every author, journalist and publisher in the West will ask, "Is it worth my time, energy and money to utter something that might be considered offensive by a Muslim?"

Many will choose the dishonorable, easy route.

To some this incident might seem inconsequential. It isn't. This is another front in our war. I wouldn't call it the clash of civilizations since the other side doesn't have a civilization to speak of. It's Western Civilization vs. Barbarity cloaked in a religious garb. Every single freedom we hold dear, they wish to crush. They're already assaulting the most essential of all liberties: Free speech.

What will you do?


In what can seem like a lone battle, there is nothing more profoundly moving than to receive the support of freedom-loving peoples.

I'm truly heartened by the moral support that I have received on the blogosphere, in my own blog's comments, via e-mail and even on the Facebook support group. I promise I will continue to fight this battle to the end, even if that means appealling it all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Go to the blog of Ezra Levant. There you can make a donation.

I donated $104.

The Fruits of Multiculturalism

The Telegraph via Instapundit:

In the nearby town of Dewsbury, which was once, like Bradford, a thriving mill area, similar enclaves exist. Local people were outraged recently to read that busy nurses at their local hospital had to allocate time to turning the beds of Muslim patients towards Mecca five times a day so that they could pray.

And last year, the discovery of an al-Qaeda propaganda DVD, which was handed out at the local mosque, increased tensions and further encouraged segregation among the communities. That, in turn, was capitalised on by the British National Party, which gained its highest numbers of voters in the city.

That's great. To oppose religious extremism some are densely aligning themselves with racialist extremism. (Funny: Both camps hate my guts.)

Another problem, he believes, is that, in the name of multiculturalism, the Labour Government has allowed a dual system of law to exist.

"Sharia law now exists in almost all Islamic communities in the UK," he says. "Not at a penal level, but at a family level. It rules among the Muslim community in marriage and divorce, often at the expense of the vulnerable. To solve this, the Government must say no to Sharia law being practised. There should be no separate legal system in this country."

Instapundit got an email: "I grew up in the segregated South in the 50s and early 60s. Turns out I was really living in the multicultural South. Who knew?"

Ezra Speaks

Direct links to the You Tube videos:

  1. Opening Statement. "This commission is applying Saudi values not Canadian values."
  2. What was your intent? "It's my bloody right to do so."
  3. The real violence in Edmonton. "You've got a Saudi thug trying to censor a magazine. That builds hatred."
  4. I don't answer to the state. "You're a thug."
  5. Entitled to my opinion?
  6. Attributes of free speech. "Unreasonable speech is the only reason we've ever had progress in the West."

Also check out Ezra Levant's blog.

Free Speech in Short Supply

Mark Steyn:

I oppose the HRCs whether they're regulating my Islamophobia or Mr Topham's neoconphobia or Mohamad Elmasry's Judeophobia. Ideas thrive or perish in the market in the light of day. The HRCs shouldn't be in this game at all. This weekend a friend who's also been called up before one of these "human rights" star chambers mused in an e-mail about the difference between his lawyer's inclination - that he should be reasonable in order to "get off the hook" - and his own feeling that the hook itself needs to be done away with. Speaking for myself, I don't want to get off the hook. I want to take the hook and stick it up the collective butt of these thought police. Metaphorically speaking, I hasten to add.

Yes, of course.

The Mainstream Umma

Muslim Matters: Tarek Fatah (and…) Does NOT Represent Me: Muslims 101 for Media.

The author is complaining that the "Muslim" commentators that the media presents are too liberal. Thus, they don't represent the Islamic mainstream. For example:

I am sick of Tarek Fatah’s tirades, the Communications Director of the fringe organization Muslim Canadian Congress. The fact is that most of his positions are outright unIslamic and unrepresenting of the vast majority of Muslims. For instance, his organization endorsed same-sex marriage, campaigned against Islamic family courts, and pretty much came out on the wrong side of every mainstream Muslim opinion. So, WHY, does any of the media give ANY credibility to this tiny group of fringe nut-cases?

The media seems to be putting a smiley face on the harsh, retrograde thinking of the Muslim majority.

More on who doesn't represent the Muslims.

the entire slew of Islamophobic wolves who donned sheep’s clothing for the so-called “Muslim manisfesto”, provide an EXCELLENT reference list of the NOTs. ‘Aqoul nicely summarized the effort as ultra-liberal, pretentious rhetoric delivered by self-proclaimed moderate Muslims. The list includes the illustrious Muslim-bashers such as Ayan I-only-lied-to-get-asylum Hirsi, Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen, Ibn Warraq and other islamophobes.

I agree. The folks mentioned do not represent the Muslim mainstream.

Who represents mainstream Muslims then?

Many. Find someone at CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, TDC.

Okay. Let's see what one of these mainstream Muslims has to say on the topic of stoning someone for adultery. (Link via LFG.)

Paul writes:

If, within the saftey of a Western Liberal Democratic state these people can't come out and openly condemn barbarism ... and all they have to offer are slick ducks and dodges ... imagine what their position would be if they were functioning from within an America where Islam held a plurality.

"She didn't commit adultery? Stone her anyway!"

The Vile Wailing

Ummah Pulse:

In a move that has surprised even many of Oxford's Muslim residents, the city's largest mosque, the Oxford Central Mosque, has applied for permission to publically announce the adhaan over a loudspeaker.

What better way to get along than by blaring an extended, uncouth noise to the neighborhood five times a day.

There seem to be few objections to the many curry houses and halal takeaways along the stretch of road neighbouring the mosque, yet the adhaan seems to symbolise a foreign invasion into a monocultural Anglo-Saxon Christian society that doesn't in reality exist.

This is an odd sentiment. Preparing varieties of foods doesn't, in any way, threaten the classical liberal values of the West. However, bringing in retrograde religious practices and imposing them on the rest of society does tear at the fabric of the West.

In short: The West opposes Hamas -- not hummus.

Having said that, it may not have been the wisest of actions for members of Oxford's Muslim community to push for an amplified call to prayer at this time, particularly in the current climate of artificially created anti-Muslim tensions.

[Emphasis mine.]

Ah, I see. The first step should have been to get a near-majority in the area. Then implement the wretched azaan which would result in the exodus of sane infidels who value their peace. Voila! A sharia infested ghetto is finally made.

Often the logic goes this way. Whatever the horrid religious practice under discussion, the opposition to it from many Muslims isn't that the acts are outrageous, but that the current time and space isn't fruitful.

Just wait a few years. The kafir will be weaker then.

Credit and Debt in America

Muslim Matters:

To owe someone $8,000, for about $6,500 worth of stuff, and be enslaved to paying a small fee of it every month, for 15+ years is normal to most Americans. The average American household, according to many statistics, is over $8,000 (if not 9,000) just in credit card debt.

Some monthly numbers are presented and then:

Such is the way of life for an average household. Enslaved, almost quite literally, to the monthly payment.

Who is "almost quite literally" making a slave of these Americans? These people freely picked the size and nature of their debt. Of course, it can be argued whether they were smart or not in doing so but slavery, or something quite like it, had nothing to do with it.

One article I came across said,

…experts say, your total monthly long-term debt payments, including your mortgage and credit cards, should not exceed 36 percent of your gross monthly income.

Sounds about right.

For every dollar you make (after taxes), you should keep only $0.64 for yourself, and pay $0.36 to the bank. That’s for your long term debts. As interest accumulates, is there any hope of ever paying it off? Of that 36 cents there is a good chance that 24 cents are going to interest/fees, meaning only 12 cents will actually go to the principal amount.

That doesn't sound right. This means that for every $1 spent on paying back the principal(s), $2 is paid for the interest. What rate are these people paying?

This drive to attain material goods is causing families to lose their homes, declare bankruptcy, have their marriages split apart - all because of their debts. It is a vicious animal that does not get much attention.

Thanks for covering this dangerous animal!

Coming up next… What Islam says about debts.

I'm dying with anticipation.

Progress in Dubai

Gulf News:

The Ministry of Justice is amending judiciary law to allow women to take up positions as judges and prosecutors at the federal level, Mohammad Bin Nakhira Al Daheri, Minister of Justice, told Gulf News on Saturday.

Good. The region could do with some liberalism.

Secret Dubai Diary points out:

Amazing to think that just over the border in the Evil Kingdom, they're not even allowed to drive.

Why Are We Not Loved

David Thompson: Root Causes, Then and Now.

From there comes this link to a piece by Tawfik Hamid:

It is vital to grasp that traditional and even mainstream Islamic teaching accepts and promotes violence. Shariah, for example, allows apostates to be killed, permits beating women to discipline them, seeks to subjugate non-Muslims to Islam as dhimmis and justifies declaring war to do so. It exhorts good Muslims to exterminate the Jews before the "end of days." The near deafening silence of the Muslim majority against these barbaric practices is evidence enough that there is something fundamentally wrong.


BigCityLib writes on the muzzling of free speech in Canada:

For me, what this is all about is the necessary public shaming of a Canadian news institution that has gone from being harmless if a little dull to a disgrace to the nation. If Kenneth Whyte and co. come to realize that an association with Mark Steyn is a net negative for their publication and give him his walking papers, this will be a good result however the CHRC case in question plays out.

Damian Penny:

Hey, BigCityLib, it's all a big laugh until they come after someone on your side, right?

Well that would be simply fascist.

Worshipping Failure


Since the wealth of, say, America, doesn't result from magic rays unique to its soil or any kind of genetic superiority of her citizens, but instead flows from its political, cultural and economic systems, couldn't the poor countries duplicate these systems and that way also become rich, instead of stubbornly clinging to their own ways that are miserable failures?

That's a painful first step: Admit that your own system is a failure.

Dr. Sanity shines more light on this mindset:

The insane asylum we refer to as the Middle East and all its affiliates in Africa and Indonesia where Islamic delusion runs rampant, have a fully formed paranod fantasy that explains their lack of progress and their dysfunction in the real world.


Has your ideology continually and repeatedly failed in the real world and resulted in death and misery for all who implement it? Take heart! It is not your fault or your ideology's! Either it wasn't implemented virutously enough; or there were evil [Republican, Neocon, Male, White, Christian, Jewish] forces (choose one or more) that have been plotting against it!

Second link via Col. B. Bunny who writes:

As I enjoyed the sights and sounds of this last Christmas, I thought how blessed we are with the symphonies, ballets, plays, movies, reverent and irreverent comedy, and, of course, the extraordinary technical advances that bring us this exposure to the West's artistic and spiritual treasures. But where is the Muslim equivalent? Where are the innovation, the free inquiry, the patents, the economic dynamism, the symphonies, the paintings, the statues, the book publishing, and the movies?

There is none of these, only a wasteland governed by oppression, fear, and a fidelity to incoherent, exclusive, and murderous doctrines that congealed in the seventh century.

Those hideous laws are considered morally perfect by most Muslims. No wonder their nations are hells on earth.

Preserving the Islamic Principles

Jihad Watch:

Over the next few days, as more details emerge about the murders of Amina and Sarah Said, we will see Islamic spokesmen on TV (Ibrahim Hooper is probably sitting for make-up as you read this) explaining that honor killing is a cultural practice that has nothing to do with Islam, and of course above all the one thing we must avoid doing in the aftermath of these murders is entertain for even a moment the possibility that Islamic attitudes and atmospherics had anything to do with the deaths of these girls.

From Yemen Times: There must be violence against women.

Fathers are responsible for their daughters’ behavior, but human rights organizations deny this too. Brothers also should take action regarding their sisters’ behavior, especially if their parents are too old or dead. If a daughter or sister makes a mistake – especially a moral one – that negatively affects the entire family and its reputation, what’s the solution by such organizations?

According to them, women should complain to the courts about any type of violence against them. Likewise, should fathers and brothers complain to police if their daughters or sisters violate moral, Islamic or social norms?

Fathers should handle their daughters via any means that suits their mistake; thus, is it better to use violence to a certain limit or complain to the police? Shall such women then complain to the police against their fathers or brothers? It’s really amazing to hear this.

Yeah, something is definitely wrong with women who go to the police when their fathers beat them. The nerve!

Dear readers – especially women – don’t think that I hate or am against women; rather, I simply mean to preserve the morals and principles with which Islam has honored us.

Honoring Islam:

Brutally Beaten

Don't Upset the Norm

Times Online via UP Pompeii:

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has welcomed plans to allow third parties to take legal steps to protect young people from being forced to marry a person. But it has urged the Government to ensure that cultural norms are safeguarded. Those given the new powers should receive training, the council said.

Muslims and other minority groups in Britain with a tradition of arranged marriage say that the issue is not one of faith, but of culture.

If the issue is one of culture, then how can anyone protect a woman from an arranged marriage and not upset the cultural norm?

A commenter at IBA asks:

Why is it wrong to rape a woman but a cultural tradition to force her to have sexual intercourse for the rest of her life with a man who is not her choice? And why is it that so often the oppression and degradation of women comes under the column heading of "culture" instead of "criminal activity" where it belongs?

Because that would imply that Western society is better (gasp!) than the vile, misogynistic "culture" of Muslims. Really, if the West wasn't so damn PC, then a large proportion of Islam would be considered abusive and criminal.

America '08

The Sandmonkey:

Now, since I am not american, let alone belong to either party, I am gonna endorse one from each side, and hope they end up running against each other, cause then either way my candidate wins. Because when you realize that the most important election in the world is taking place and you don't have a say and there is nothing you can do about this, you might as well take a step back and enjoy the show.

See his picks.

The End of HD-DVD

Daily Tech:

The news just continues to sour for the HD DVD camp. Earlier today, DailyTech reported that Warner Bros. decided to go Blu-ray exclusive by the end of May 2008. Warner Bros. executives backed their decision by saying that the move was beneficial for consumers.


It looks as though the fallout from the Warner Bros. move is coming fast and furiously. The DailyTech inbox was just moments ago greeted with the following message from a Toshiba representative regarding CES press meetings and the scheduled HD DVD press conference:

Here's the key part:

Based on the timing of the Warner Home Video announcement today, the HD DVD Promotional Group has decided to cancel 1:1 press meetings at CES, in addition to the press conference that was scheduled for Sunday evening.

They didn't have any warning about Warner Bros. going Blu-ray.

No Soul

Umar Lee writes about Bridgette Gabriel.

In closing I want to give you a quote from her this year at a Christians United for Israel event and you tell me if this does not sound like something that could have been uttered by the Ku Klux Klan or a neo-Nazi organization;

“The difference, my friends, between Israel and the Arab world is the difference between civilization and barbarism. It’s the difference between good and evil [applause]…. this is what we’re witnessing in the Arabic world, They have no SOUL !, they are dead set on killing and destruction. And in the name of something they call Allah which is very different from the God we believe….[applause] because our God is the God of love.”

The confusion of race and religion continues.

Not Your Average Bed

Engadget via Hardocp:

The sleeper not only combines dual, remote-controlled, adjustable mattresses with temperature control and anti-snore technology (whatever that is), but also manages to embed a 1080p HD projector, four subwoofers and tweeters, a 1.5TB hard drive, 4GB of RAM, Media Center integration, WiFi, and an iPod dock.

Meh. That iPod dock makes it ostentatious.

The price tag?

Showing at CES 2008, and priced from $20,000 to $50,000 (depending on options).


One Year Later

I went to a local government location to apply for an Ontario Health Card. I wanted to do this two days earlier but I didn't have all the required pieces of ID on me then. Yesterday I was busy with something else. So, it had to be today. Afterwards, I was off to a different government center for my permanent Social Insurance Number.

Last year in Toronto I dealt with the government in a more substantial way. The nerve-wracking outcome was far more significant as well.

I also did a bit of luxury shopping; bought some stuff at the dollar store. There, I saw 85-gram tootsie rolls! Two for a loonie!

I bought two. I just couldn't resist. (Yes, I'm weak.)

Slightly Confused

Spiegel Online via IBA:

Many of the insurgents building bombs and carrying out attacks in Iraq are hate-filled teenagers. Diya Muhammad Hussein, 16, is one of them. He spoke with SPIEGEL ONLINE about his desire to kill the American occupiers -- and his dreams of emigrating to the United States.

But, of course.

"We still hate the Americans. In truth no one likes them. Iraq isn't free, that's why we have to keep on fighting," says Diya.

What would he do if he got a visa tomorrow to travel to the US? He would definitely take it, says Diya. Asked if he is aware of how contradictory that sounds, he smiles bashfully and buries his hands deeper into his armpits.

His heart desires DEMOCRACY, WHISKEY and SEXY. Yet, he wants to kill the very people who are providing him exactly that in Iraq! Islam has warped his humanity.

I wish this mindset was limited to a dumb kid in the Middle East.

One can go to any Muslim-majority country and ask a crowd, "Do you like or dislike America?" The answer will be soaked with loathing for the Big Satan.

After the clamor subsides utter that "I have some connections." And ask, "Does anyone want a US visa?"

Then, one will learn the true meaning of begging.

Sad Choices

The New York Times via Instapundit:

European Muslims, so often portrayed one-dimensionally as rioters, honor killers or terrorists, live diverse lives, most of them trying to get by and to have a good time. That is more difficult if one is both Muslim and gay.

The possible thought process: Should I hang myself and be a true Muslim or should I screw Islam and a willing brother?

Kader Balcik, a 22-year-old Turk from Hamburg, said: “For us, for Muslims, it’s extremely difficult. When you’re gay, you’re immediately cut off from the family.”

He had recently moved to Berlin not long after being cut off from his mother because he is bisexual. “A mother who wishes death for her son, what kind of mother is that?” he asked, his eyes momentarily filling with tears.

His mother's thought process: Should I accept my pervert son and reject Islamic teachings or should I be a good Muslim and wish for his end?

Some try to have it both ways (No, I don't mean that.):

Hasan, a 21-year-old Arab man, sitting at a table in the club’s quieter adjoining cafe, declined to give his last name, saying: “They would kill me. My brothers would kill me.” Asked if he meant this figuratively, he responded, “No, I mean they would kill me.”

“I’m living one life here and the other one the way they wish me to be,” Hasan said, referring to his parents. He said he still planned to marry, but when he turned 30 rather than right away, as his parents wished. “I have to have children, to do what Islam wants me to do,” he said. “I would stop with everything in the homosexual life. I would stop it.”

That's going to be one lucky gal.

An Imam Explains Sharia

The Sun via IBA:

Rehamn, 60, spoke in the Pakistani town of Kahuta as the call to prayer echoed over the dusty streets.

He is Imam of the town’s fundamentalist religious school or madrassa, where classes for kids as young as nine include Jihad or Holy War and barbaric punishments.

His teachings are frightening enough. But his mosque lies in the shadow of the secret bunker where Pakistan produces nuclear weapons.

And when asked if it would be right to nuke British infidels, he laughed and answered: “Probably.”

Lovely fellow.

He said: “Adulterers who are married should be buried in earth to the waist and stoned to death.

“Homosexuals must be killed – it’s the only way to stop them spreading. It should be by beheading or stoning, which the general public can do.

“Thieves should have their hands cut off. Women should remain indoors and films and pop music should be banned.”

So what does he think of Britain? The dad insisted: “The nonbelievers must be converted to Islam. Morals in your society, with women wearing revealing clothes, have gone wrong.”

The entire issue in two sentences:

“I hope Britain and the rest of the world will have Sharia Law this century. We will continue to sacrifice our lives to achieve this.”

The King of Trashcanistans

Mark Steyn:

One way to look at what’s happened over the last five years is simply that Afghanistan and Pakistan have swapped roles. In the Eighties, Washington used Pakistan to subvert Afghanistan. Since the fall of Mullah Omar, the Taliban, a monster incubated by Pakistan, has swarmed back across the border and begun subverting Pakistan. Today, it’s the tribal lands that have a 200-yard corridor through the rest of the country, exporting Islamist values through the network of madrassahs to the fierce young men in the cities.


Just as the tribal lands seem to be swallowing Pakistan, so Pakistan is swallowing much of the world. It exports its manpower and its customs around the globe, and Pakistani communities in the heart of west have provided the London School of Economics student who masterminded the beheading of Daniel Pearl, the Torontonians who plotted to do the same to the Canadian Prime Minister, and the Yorkshiremen who pulled off the London Tube bombing. Saudi men pay lip service to Wahhabist ideology but it rouses very few of them from their customary torpor. In Pakistan, Islamism spurs a lot more action.


The Best Stuff from '07

My top four posts from last year:

4. D-Day Today. Presented by the modern MSM.

3. Ugliness Behind the Burqa. Commentary on the murder of Aqsa Parvez.

2. Who Is A Real Muslim? I'll be getting a fatwa soon for this.

1. The Marathon of My Life. I don't think that any government in the world has before or since dealt with a blogger in such circumstances. Therefore, as far as I know, no other blogger in history has ever written something of this nature.

Other notable posts in chronological order: