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Empowered Muslim Youth:

A game called Metal Gear actually has a character who received virtual reality training. Raiden carries out simulations of another character’s previous missions before undergoing his own, official “battle”.

If a youth was to spend fourteen hours a week playing such a game until they completed their mission, they may have more of a chance of wanting to experience a battle in real life, perhaps by joining the army. But this virtual reality strategy may backfire, as youth could turn the negative energy they gain through vandalism or other violent crimes.

There is no doubt that this well-thought tactic, issued by high-ranking govermental officials, and it is not very surprising.


Brainwashing the youth to fight in almost real-life situations which a solider would face if fighting in Iraq for instance, is most definitely a way to recruit more soldiers for the future.

Is the American government "brainwashing" these sheeple? Or perhaps the citizens, who're already interested in the military, are drawn to violent games?


Saul Wall

I play violent video games all the time and it almost never makes me want to joint the army or become a homicidal car-jacker or stomp on mushroom people.

Isaac Schrödinger

Good point.

I've played Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake I to III, Unreal Tournament and Counter-Strike. Yet, I don't think any "brainwashing" took place.

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