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BBC on Saudi Arabia:

A woman can now stay in a hotel alone as long as she carries identification.


The decree allowed the Ministry of Trade to outline new regulations simply requiring women to show photographic ID to hotel managers.

This must then be registered with local police.

But, of course.

Under Saudi Arabia's conservative Islamic code, women suffer severe restrictions on daily life.

They are not allowed to appear before a judge without a male representative, or travel abroad without a male guardian's permission.

Cause who knows where these whores women might run off to.



Hey Isaac
you have the flags of US, Canada and Israel on your site. Canada is understandable but I can not understand the reason you have US and Israel flags. Is it to piss off the believers? If that is the case, i am wondering why the omission of Indian flag. You know this is a country that has been fighting the terrorism for the longest time, a terror "allegedly" exported by your country. I hope there is no denying that. I can find a nice image of indian flag if you like :)

Cafe Alpha

"Cause who knows where these whores women might run off to."

Some years ago I saw a documentary about a women's prison in Iran. Most of the women were there for the "crime" of trying to escape their husbands (?or families?), and a few were just little girls.

I take this as proof that Iran is a slave society.

Cafe Alpha

OT: A Moroccan website is campaigning against Geert Wilders by saying that his problem a lack of love, so they're suggesting that Muslim send him hugs in his email - in a radio interview they mentioned one women sending him a teddy bear. In fact the web page this is about has a drawing of Geert holding a teddy bear, and another of him looking lonely, getting a pat on the head with a teddy bear behind him.

So there are some Muslims who aren't complete idiots - this will work much better than, say burning down buildings or killing people.

You can't translate the page - it's all gifs.

And it's only one page put up today by someone. I suspect that radio Netherlands was taken in and confused one smart guy on from some web message board with representing an organization. Or that they deliberately misrepresented the situtation

But expect to hear more about this http://knuffelgeert.marokko.nl/

Isaac Schrödinger

Kafir: The omission of the Indian flag doesn't mean that I dislike India. For instance, I don't showcase flags of the UK, Australia, New Zealand but still I support these nations.

Cafe Alpha: It's a radical idea that women have rights and are not the property of "their men". In Pakistan, a woman who gets to a police station because of an abusive husband gets no respite. The cops laugh at her and drop her off at home since it's not their area; it's a "family matter".


Liberty makes people uncomfortable because it brings out a person's true character. I think it goes without saying that a man who cannot control himself in the presence of women is barely more than an animal. You cannot legislate that away.

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