What the Hell is Wrong with Canada?
The Morbid Joker

God Works in Mathematical Ways

See Dubya emailed this link to Hot Air:

Chinese Christian rejected on asylum because her interrogator is an illiterate. Or intentionally tried to confuse the asylum-seeker during her interview process. The woman, who had converted to Christianity and attended an unregistered church, had fled to Canada from China fearing both religious persecution and consequences of violating the country’s one-child policy.

National Post:

At her hearing, where she sought protection on grounds that she feared persecution in China, she was repeatedly asked by an IRB adjudicator about Bible "parabolas."

Thank goodness she didn't ask about integrals!

Read the full story.

If you're interested, here are the details about my time with the Immigration and Refugee Board last year.



I bet if he had said that she was a Muslim she would have gotten in without incident.

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