Is Islam Innocent?

Fan Mail

Someone left a comment in an old post:

You will burn in the deepest fire, if you continue treating muslims as you do. When you die you will see the truth then you will ask to go back even for a second to do well but it will be so late.
Embasse islam now and stop your foolish behaviour.

I'll have to say, "No" to Embasse Islam Now!

For some reason I'm imagining that in Ahnuld accent. Embasse Islam Now! Do it, NAAOW! Been there, done that, got the mental scars. Still, "No."

Oh, and the foolish behavior (it's a gift) will definitely continue.


Josh Scholar

It occurs to me that if you ask a Catholic priest (or your Sunday school teacher) "If you fart in heaven, does it smell bad?" He's going to look a you like you're an idiot.

But not in Islam, because Allah actually revealed to Mohammad that farts in heaven smell like flowers. Isn't that beautiful?

Was that a special revelation. Did God send an angel down just to spread the good news about heavenly foofs, or did an Angel fart while he was taking to Mo? Inquiring minds want to know.

Classical Liberal

Huh? What sura was that in?


As a Christian, I could cheekily respond to this Muslim by saying that when he or she finally meets Jesus, He won't be amused by their blasphemies of who He is. In fact, most shockingly of all, they'll find that He prefers titles like Messiah, Son of God, Lord, Alpha and Omega and such to "prophet."

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