The Price of Free Speech
The Fruits of Multiculturalism

Ezra Speaks

Direct links to the You Tube videos:

  1. Opening Statement. "This commission is applying Saudi values not Canadian values."
  2. What was your intent? "It's my bloody right to do so."
  3. The real violence in Edmonton. "You've got a Saudi thug trying to censor a magazine. That builds hatred."
  4. I don't answer to the state. "You're a thug."
  5. Entitled to my opinion?
  6. Attributes of free speech. "Unreasonable speech is the only reason we've ever had progress in the West."

Also check out Ezra Levant's blog.


Josh Scholar

I'm kind of hoping that he pushes this so far that he goes to jail. They demand an apology and an end to publishing heresy, and he continues publishing heresy.

That will be interesting.

Classical Liberal

Holy Cow! This guy is glorious!

David Boxenhorn

I'm kind of hoping that he pushes this so far that he goes to jail.

I'm hoping is seeks asylum in the US. That would embarrass Canada far more.

Josh Scholar

No, that would just make Canadians hate him and thus do damage to his cause, which after all is press freedom in Canada.

Josh Scholar

Oh my GOD, the Muslim commenters on Ezra's youtube videos are stupid.

Look at this one - he posted this as a response to one of Ezra's videos it calls for people to destroy Amercian power lines (by throwing bicycle chains across the wires, and to cut fiber optic communications!

Terrorism right?

Then he writes:

How interesting it will be to know that, CSIS and RCMP have access to determine source of youtube video postings and account activity details ???
This defendant has two days old account,has 267 videos and this series of AHRC interview have oner 44000 views in two days ? ? ??
How many zombies at bots have been used here to bump up ratting here ?? ?
See? He calls for terrorism then he wants the police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to investigate how Ezra got views and subscribers(I think that's what he meant)!! [He never heard of blogs, obviously.]

For a second I considered contacting homeland security about the call to vandalism.

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