Holy Terminator Batman!

Why Do Muslims Hate Us?

The leading Democrats in the US offer their ridiculous answers.

“Because we are trusted so little” - Joe Biden

Because of “the bullying, selfish, abusive behavior” of President Bush and his administration. - John Edwards

“John’s point is right, but I want to broaden it a little.” If you were a Muslim overseas listening to Rudy Giuliani saying they want to come over here and kill you, you would get the impression that we don’t want to talk. - Barack Obama

“This has been a vacuum for a long time.” We don’t know their culture. - Chris Dodd

Robert Spencer:

[...] they assume that their hatred for us is entirely our fault and our responsibility. It never enters their mind that Muslims might be free agents who act on their own initiative, and not just as passive reactors to American actions.

[Emphasis mine.]


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