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The Killing of Logic

Ummah Pulse: Body Counts for Two Holocausts.

General Franks was also the person who led the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and since then the body count has reached over a million and continues to rise. As far as the average innocent civilian is concerned in this so called war on terror, it is nothing less than a "live holocaust" in the making.

Of course. The Nazis embraced industrial-scale annihilation of a people. The US is arming and protecting an infant democracy and its citizens from death at the hands of Islamists. Ergo, Nazism = modern America.

So quickly does Husain Al-Qadi label America as the absolute evil that he doesn't even stop and think: Who is targeting and murdering the Iraqi civilians? Somehow the mere presence of American troops in Iraq makes them guilty of the death and carnage in the nation.


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