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I left a comment, but somehow I doubt it will be published, so I hope you don't mind if I re-post it here:

You give your true motivations away when you state that:

"their motto should perhaps change from 'in God we trust' to 'for self-interest we strive'."

Every nation, and all people, strive to first and foremost safeguard their own self-interest. Anyone who believes otherwise is simply naive. However, your "suggestion" does a lot more than showcase simple naiveté, since, if you believe that Global Warming is a serious threat, you would have to conclude that fighting it would be in the best interest of the US.

No, what your comment tells me is that you fully realize that the only "benefit" to come from "fighting global warming" is the billions of dollars which the US would be forced to give away to other nations. You are angry that this blatant wealth distribution scheme is failing, and are attempting to demonize the US in order to get them to cave. Every time I see this kind of argument it makes me think of a 30 year-old-son who refuses to move out of his parents house or get a job, while complaining loudly that his evil money-grubbing parents won't give him money to buy a new X-box.

Classical Liberal

Well said!

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