Willing Warriors
Devilry in America

Slamming Islam

Paul knocks down the wretched house of cards:

Islam belongs on the set of Monty Python’s Life of Brian, not anywhere even remotely within modern liberal society. It is chauvinistic to such a stunning degree that even 1400 years ago it was considered extreme by many local cultures; it teaches murder for trivialities; it teaches the abuse, murder, and subjugation of non-Muslims; it specifically targets Christians and Jews for hatred; it teaches the murder of apostates; it teaches the murder of homosexuals; and it teaches absolute and complete adherence to Muhammad’s example.

So brutal and true.



Personally, I cannot denounce the Muslims on the grounds that it is murder to execute someone for engaging in homosexual acts since, the Mosaic Law did the same thing. Fortunately, Christianity gives societies that practice it the freedom to defer such things to God's court, something that cannot be said for Sharia.

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