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It's All Good

I was cleaning up my room today and I came across a letter I received late last month. I had forgotten about it. Then I realized that I've been unintentionally deceiving my readers for all this time!

You see, I received a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada some months ago. It told me to visit the Immigration Office within the city for an interview in late October. I put on my best clothes and went there on the scheduled day. Then in late November I got another letter.

At the top of my blog it says "convention-refugee". But that's not correct.

I'm now a permanent resident of Canada.

My permanent resident card was enclosed in the letter which I received in late November. I put it on the side of my room with my already-read books and I forgot about it -- out of sight, out of mind. Today I was throwing out old receipts and tidying up when I came upon it.

I just had to share!

Here's the essential history of my case:

  1. September 09, 2006: I write about the horrible meeting which took place with the refugee board on the previous day. This meeting was for setting the time for the hearing, during which a judge would decide whether my refugee claim has merit or not.
  2. September 09, 2006: The Blogosphere on fire!
  3. September 25, 2006: Why I am asking for asylum in Canada.
  4. November 09, 2006: Citizens of the free world -- from Israel, Australia, Britain, the US and Canada -- donate enough money to cover my legal fees.
  5. January 04, 2007: A most brief description of the hearing.
  6. January 08, 2007: A detailed post about the fateful hearing.

Following in Muhammad's Footsteps

Spiegel via IBA:

The image is startling -- a 40-year-old groom sitting beside his 11-year-old future bride. Photographer Stephanie Sinclair, who took the photo last year in Afghanistan, asked the pre-teenage bride what she felt on the day of her engagement.

"Nothing," said the girl, according to Sinclair. "I do not know this man. What am I supposed to feel?"

This girl is a bit old for marriage at 11. Muhammad (MHBH), like a real man, went for a 6-year-old. Though, Muhammad (MHBH) was considerate for he only raped her when she was 9.

Having Your Cake and Eating It Twice!

Tambi Dude provides this link in the comments here:

When Aisha Salim marries her fiance in Pakistan next March, it will be the wedding of her dreams.

Wearing a veil and gown, she will be every inch the fairytale virgin bride and as befits her strict Muslim religion, after the ceremony, she will hand her blooded wedding-night sheets to her in-laws as proof of her virginity.


But far from being the traditional untouched bride that many Muslim families demand, she is a modern-day university graduate who has smoked, drunk, made love to - and even lived with - a previous English boyfriend.

To disguise the fact that she has had sex, she has paid for painful surgery to "restore" her virginity.

A marriage built on a bloody lie. I predict a long and healthy relationship!

Man Kills Wife on Wedding Night

United Press International:

An Egyptian man has been charged with fatally stabbing his wife on their wedding night when he decided she was not a virgin.

I'm betting he's Buddhist.

Ali, after his arrest, said that he was unable to break his wife's hymen on the wedding night, leading him to conclude that she was sexually experienced, the report said.

She paid the ultimate price for his small mind and member.

The Islamic Trilogy and Axis

FrontPage Magazine via Jihad Watch:

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Moorthy Muthuswamy, an expert on terrorism in India. He grew up in India, where he had firsthand experience with political Islam and jihad. He moved to America in 1984 to pursue graduate studies. In 1992, he received a doctorate in nuclear physics from Stony Brook University, New York. Since 1999 he has extensively published ideas on neutralizing political Islam's terror war as it is imposed on unbelievers. He is the author of the new book, The Art of War on Terror: Triumphing over Political Islam and the Axis of Jihad.

I can't disagree with the three countries he picks as the Jihadist Axis.

Written orders were issued by Pakistan’s military high command to kill Hindus in the then East Pakistan in 1971. The largest religion-based genocide of the past fifty years was conducted as a result. Most of these expulsions and genocides occurred before 1972 – well before the large-scale infusion of petrodollars and Wahhabism.

Those who claim that oil money, Muslim “grievance” or “freedom fighting” are responsible for terror should think again. As noted earlier, political Islam’s fundamental emphasis on conquest is traced to the scripture level.

Charming Islamic Intolerance

Star Tribune via LFG:

Last week, I visited a Muslim place of worship. A schedule for Islam's five daily prayers was posted at the entrance, near a sign requesting that shoes be removed. Inside, a barrier divided men's and women's prayer space, an arrow informed worshippers of the direction of Mecca, and literature urged women to cover their faces

It ain't a mosque.

The place I'm describing is the "meditation room" at Normandale Community College, a 9,200-student public institution in Bloomington.

Isn't that nice? American taxpayer money is going towards gender apartheid. There's also some lovely literature on display in the "meditation room". For example, regarding women:

They should cover their faces and stay at home, it said, and their speech should not "be such that it is heard."

Out of respect, I'm sure.

The peace shines through with this:

"[T]he Jews and the Christians" are described as "the enemies of Allaah's religion." The document adds: "Remember that you will never succeed while you follow these people."

For some odd reason, they neglect to give a few examples of those famous, successful, fundamentalist Muslims.

Make Me a Moron

Charles Johnson:

Your jaw may need to be retrieved from the floor after watching this extended advertisement for Islam from Britain’s Channel 4: “Make Me a Muslim.”

Comment #7 by Zombie:

What I want to see is a reality TV show called

"Make me a Secularist"

in which Muslim fundamentalists have to live like normal human beings for three weeks as cameras follow them around.


Where's My Money!?

Here's a lovely title: Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Neocon in Black Face.

The young, attractive Somali woman has become a darling of the American corporate media. Ayaan Hirsi Ali started out as a heroine to a portion of the Dutch public, who rewarded her with a parliamentary seat for denouncing all things Muslim. Apparently, flagellating one's own non-white, non-Christian people is a sure route to success in Europe, just like in the U.S.

How does one respond to such asininity?

Severe Cold and Snow

A massive snowstorm is moving up into Ontario from the US. Some places will get 1 cm per hour overnight.

I'm glad I did my grocery shopping earlier today. Still, bad news of a whole different nature for some people:

Air Canada said it expected cancellations at Toronto's Pearson International Airport on Sunday and Monday and is advising customers to call before embarking on travel.

From Toronto thousands of foreign students go back to Asian countries to visit their families during the school / university break. Many will be stranded for over a week if they miss their flight on Sunday or Monday. It's worse for them because (a) they have to worry about getting connecting flights from European nations and (b) they'll have to spend hundreds of dollars for a room in a hotel since their dorms are closed.

I once had to wait nine days -- but not because of heavy snow.

Ugliness Behind the Burqa

John Palubiski comments on the honor killing in Canada:

This murder is an outrage, not because it was committed by the girl's father, but rather because it is clearly motivated by sick, perverse religious impulses.

segacs replies:

*Shakes head sadly*.

So crosses and pendants are okay because they represent "civil society", but hijabs are not because they represent "sick, perverse impulses"?

I don't even know where to start...

Let me start with the "logic" behind the burqa. And by burqa I mean the clothing which cloaks the entire body except perhaps the hands and eyes.

Ask Imam:

According to the Shari’ah, it is incumbent upon a Muslim female to fully cover herself in front of Ghayr Mahram men besides her hands and feet. If any part of her body, be it even a strand of hair is exposed in front of non-Mahram men, she will be sinful for exposing her Satar / Awrah, and will unfortunately earn the curse and wrath of Allah.

Also, a curious reason given for the burqa is that it liberates women from being looked at as sexual objects. This is amusing because the entire essence of a woman is distilled down to her sexuality when she is told to cover up every inch of her body.

Remember that not wearing a burqa draws the hungry cats.

THE nation's most senior Muslim cleric has blamed immodestly dressed women who don't wear Islamic headdress for being preyed on by men and likened them to abandoned "meat" that attracts voracious animals.

You see, burqa-free women are partly responsible for attracting rapists. One finds the vicious, logical conclusion of this thinking in Arabia: "Saudi court punishes rape victim with 200 lashes."

What sweet liberation.

This wretched mindset sees women as only a sexual object -- and men as no more than beasts who should never be enticed. The burqa is a symbol of this monstrous, backwards, uncivil way of life. Women in Islamic nations wear this vile garb not because they choose to but out of fear. Fear that they might be hit or worse.

For example, recently the Iranian regime cracked down on women who didn't wear appropriate dress in public. All across Persia they were liberated.

Another example: In March of 2002 a few Muslim men were presented with two stark choices.

(A) Allow young girls to escape a fire with a small chance that someone might get a glimpse of their ankles or

(B) Block the exits from the inferno which would result in the painful, horrifying deaths of over a dozen girls.

Guess which choice they went with.

There's another aspect to this perverseness. Most Muslim men do not have control over their lives, laws or society. What they do have is tremendous power over women. These men routinely beat women for the smallest transgressions in Islamic nations; the neighbors and the police don't even bat an eyelash. It's an utterly normal and a sick dynamic.

This normalcy is strongly challenged and threatened in Western culture. Here, women have far more choices in every sphere of life. Aqsa Parvez had only rebelled against the most visible aspect of Islam: the burqa. However, in the future, she could have decided to choose her own studies, profession, and even a husband!

Her father had lost control. He at first thrashed her. She still defied him and threw off her glorious garbage bag when she was in school. He finally murdered her. This heinous man constructed a tiny district of the Taliban in a Canadian city but her daughter repeatedly went outside to taste freedom. He couldn't stomp out that freedom. So, he crushed her.

This is what it's about.

I'll finish by asking segacs or any reader: How many Jews and Christians are beaten or killed every year for refusing to wear their religious symbols?

Feminism + Multiculturalism = Tolerating Barbarity

Barbara Kay:

We have this week two news items of tragedies involving girl victims. Both will serve to reinforce the belief of many Canadians -- count me in -- that the alliance of feminism with multiculturalism has created a two-tier sisterhood.

The first item:

We begin in Australia, and the trial results of a 2006 rape of a 10-year-old aboriginal girl by a group of nine aboriginal men and adolescents. District Court Judge Sarah Bradley gave all of them probation or suspended sentences -- no jail time and no criminal records. Bradley concluded that the victim "was not forced and she probably agreed to have sex with all of you."

The second item:

Back to Canada and, if appearances turn out to be reality, Canada's first honour killing. Sixteen-year-old Mississauga teenager Aqsa Parvez died on Tuesday of wounds suffered in an attack on her on Monday -- allegedly by her father. (A brother is also charged with the crime of obstruction.) Friends of Aqsa painted a picture of a young girl eager to integrate into Canadian society, in ongoing conflict with her conservative Pakistani father who insisted she wear the hijab, the Muslim symbol of sexual modesty.

Here's a good description of that "modesty":

The hijab is rather a public sign of supervised sexual modesty, and marks those wearing it as chattel, leashed to their fathers and brothers as surely as if they were wearing a dog collar.

A dog can always be put down for unacceptable behavior.

Read it all.

Honor Killing in Canada

The National Post:

Aqsa Parvez, a sprightly 16-year-old, beloved of her friends and peers at Applewood Heights Secondary School, was only trying to be herself, was only wishing for a normal adolescence amid Canada's rich cultural mosaic. Her father has now been charged with murder, and his son with obstruction, while a young life has been snuffed out -- likely in the name of honour and Islam.


Radical Muslim men consider themselves ultimately responsible for the conduct of the womenfolk. This outlook is rooted in a medieval ethos that treats women as nonpersons, unable to decide for themselves what they should wear, where they must go and what they must accomplish in life. If their conduct is seen as contravening this austere religious outlook, they are invariably subjected to abuse.

If they refuse to modify their conduct, then they are murdered by their own family members.

Indian Muslims:

On her father's insistence, they said, she would wear the hijab while leaving home only to replace it with trendy clothes when she reached school. They recalled how she would sometimes run to the washroom to change into modern dress.

Some choice.

Toronto-based Sonia Ahmed, who runs the Miss World Pakistan and grooms Pakistani-origin girls for Miss Bikini and other pageants, said angrily: "The hijab was never a part of Pakistani dress. It is an Arab imposition. This should be banned all over North America. This killer father will now think that he has done the 'right thing', and he can now go to heaven and claim his 70 virgins. Hang him."

Alas, Canada doesn't have the death penalty.

A Culturally Different Parenting Technique

Globe and Mail:

A 16-year-old woman was clinging to life in hospital last night after police in Mississauga received a call from a man claiming he had killed his daughter.


Students at nearby Applewood Heights Secondary School in Mississauga identified the teen as Aqsa or Axa Parvez. Some claimed she had clashed with her family after ceasing to wear a hijab and adopting a more Western style of dress.

About the residence:

One neighbour who asked not to be named said she thought there were "at least two" families living in the house.

I'm sure they all provided moral support to the murderous father.

One of the classmates of this poor girl comments on the barbarity:

"Sixteen-year-old girls worry about makeup and boys, not about surviving," another classmate said. "It's not right. She's 16, damn it."

Another Tiny Mistake

Via Samizdata comes the following from the comments section of the Guardian:

But if the Arabs choose to attack Israel with conventional weapons and Israel loses, so be it. As the cliche goes those that live by force die by force. Even if Israel ceases to exist, as long as it doesn't nuke the world in a spasm of anger in the process, Jews will still be welcome and prosper in many part of the world, just like they did for thousands of years. The end of the Israel mistake will not be a bad thing.

Amazing how someone could write so casually about a second Holocaust.

Balance, Grace, Power, Technique.

For almost four hours this teenager, brought up on low, slow Indian wickets, had defied four bristling Australian pacemen on the fastest, bounciest pitch in the world with a mixture of grace and power his opponents found hard to fathom in one so young.

Merv Hughes cracked open a beer and turned to his captain, Allan Border, the tough, proud Australian who within a couple of years would become the most prolific batsman in Test cricket.

"This little prick's going to get more runs than you, AB."

Hughes was right.

Another Day, Another Apostate Threatened

The Telegraph via Dhimmi Watch:

Sofia Allam simply could not believe it. Her kind, loving father was sitting in front of her threatening to kill her. He said she had brought shame and humiliation on him, that she was now "worse than the muck on their shoes" and she deserved to die.

And the doting mum?

"My mother's transformation was even worse. She constantly beat me about the head. She screamed at me all the time. I remember saying to them, as they were shouting death threats, 'Mum, Dad - you're saying you should kill me… but I'm your daughter! Don't you realise that?'?"

They know perfectly well but the pull of Islam is greater; it warps their humanity -- to the point where they actually wish death upon their child.

"It was such a shock. I remember thinking when they brought all my uncles round to try to intimidate me - all these men were lined up telling me how terrible a person I was, how the devil had taken me - I remember thinking, how can this be happening? Because this isn't Lahore in Pakistan. This is Dagenham in London! This is Britain!"

It is as just to murder an ex-Muslim in Lahore as it is in Dagenham. To Muslims, sharia doesn't stop at an artificial geographic boundary.

Read the next part carefully:

Ibrahim Mogra, of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), says that it is "absolutely disgraceful behaviour… In Britain, no Muslim has the right to harm one hair of someone who decides to leave Islam."

Inayat Bunglawala, also a spokesman for the MCB, insists that such behaviour in Britain is "awful and quite wrong. The police should crack down on it."

I find the inclusion of "in Britain" quite interesting.

Patrick Sookhdeo was born a Muslim, but later converted to Christianity. He is now international director of the Barnabas Fund, an organisation that aims to research and to ameliorate the conditions of Christians living in countries hostile to their religion.

He notes that "all four schools of Sunni law, as well as the Shia variety, call for the death penalty for apostates. Most Muslim scholars say that Muslim religious law - sharia - requires the death penalty for apostasy.

"In 2004, Prince Charles called a meeting of leading Muslims to discuss the issue," adds Dr Sookhdeo. "I was there. All the Muslim leaders at that meeting agreed that the penalty in sharia is death. The hope was that they would issue a public declaration repudiating that doctrine, but not one of them did."

Of course.

That "in Britian" part above was not a mistake.

The reluctance to condemn sharia law is widespread. I asked Mr Bunglawala, for instance, to condemn the Islamic states that imposed the death penalty for apostasy. He did not do so, merely commenting that "it was a matter for those states".

Welcome to the DialogueTM where everything you cherish (free speech, human rights etc.) is open to compromise and where everything the Muslims cherish (the evil rantings of a long-dead psychotic Arab etc.) is set in stone.

Attracted to Darkness

Cafe Alpha:

I was just thinking about the history of Arabs making black people into slaves, in Sudan for instance.

I wonder how Umar Lee would react if he ever realized that the Islamic slave trade was just as big as the western one... And probably more brutal. The west wasn't known for preferring castrated slaves at a time where that "operation" had 90% mortality.

Umar is the one who seems to equate Islam with blackness for some indecipherable reason, isn't he?

I don't really get Umar Lee's thinking on race. From what little I understand he has left behind his "whiteness" and embraced an ideology that is raceless. Oddly enough, that hasn't stopped him from equating a black security guard with a slave.

In reality, he has rejected Western values and swallowed the vile system of sharia. He might think that Islam is raceless but then he hasn't lived under an Islamic system. Even today blacks are derogatorily referred to as abd by Arabs. (Not to mention that Muslim societies are heavily structured by class.)

I'll give two small example from my life in Pakistan.

1. When I lived with my family in Karachi, a maid used to come to our apartment about twice a week. She was a poor mother who brought her young kid with her. She would place the child in one corner and do her work for about an hour. On few occasions my mother would sit on a chair and chat with her.

What was odd about that? You see, this maid would never dare sit on a chair, sofa or a bed. She would always sit down on the floor. She knew her "place."

2. Two of my cousins in Lahore had to deal with a strange situation. They were sisters whose parents had to worry about marrying them off. Plus, like my family, they were Ahmadis which made finding a decent match even more difficult.

However, the difficulty was only with the older sister. You see, the cousin who was about 15-16 years old was getting a lot of proposals for marriage whereas the 20 year old was getting none.

Why? The older sister had a darker complexion. Her skin color was light brown. The younger one looked like Nicole Kidman. What could the parents do? If they married off their younger daughter first, then everyone would immediately wonder, "What's so wrong with their older daughter?"

The color of one's skin plays a sickeningly powerful role in Pakistan and in Muslim societies in general. Modern Americans don't really know how ugly it gets. Or to put it cynically: The United States is the least racist society on Earth.

Steyn Under Fire

London Free Press:

In a flagrant attack on freedom of the press, the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) has filed three human rights complaints against Maclean's magazine and its editor-in-chief, Kenneth Whyte, accusing them of spreading "hatred and contempt" for Muslims, by publishing an article by Mark Steyn on Oct. 23, 2006, entitled The Future Belongs to Islam.

What a great compliment to Steyn for having theocratic thugs as his enemies.

In attacking Maclean's magazine, the CIC is not acting alone. It has the support of the Ontario Federation of Labour. In a statement backing the CIC, OFL executive vice-president Terry Downey said: "We want to make sure there's dignity and respect for all individuals in the province."


As it is, Maclean's is standing by its right to freedom of the press. In a forthright statement on the issue, Whyte avowed that he would rather have the magazine go bankrupt than surrender to the CIC's demand for equal space to respond to Steyn's lengthy article.

Superb! The hearings, for now, are set to begin in June 2008.

My Dream Unfulfilled

Radical Muslim from Britain:

Possible fatwaworthy sites in the Bloggersphere are many due to the array of sites that contain writings that slander Islam, therefore when I come accross particularly Islamophobic sites I bookmark them under ‘Fatwaworthy?’ Some will be well written while others will be an illogical mess, however, the common denominator between them is that they exist in part or full to spread Islamophobic opinions. Brothers and Sisters, please fell free to suggest additions to the list.

A lot of praiseworthy sites have been put on notice. In fact, my writings have been featured in four of the listed sites:

  1. Faith Freedom.
  2. Infidel Bloggers Alliance.
  3. Maverick News Network.
  4. Western Resistance.

Oh, come on! Why isn't my infidelicious blog on the list!?

I feel so unloved.

Link via Absolute Moral Authority via Junk Yard.

Stocking Up for the Holy Land

IBN Live:

Customs officials at the Zia International Airport have seized large quantities of Viagra, other banned drugs, pornographic material and precious stones that Haj pilgrims were trying to smuggle out of the country.

Think about those repressed Saudis!

In two separate drives Tuesday, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) seized illegal drugs worth about $320,000 and 50,000 CDs with pornographic movies.

Really really repressed.

Link via In the Name of Towelie.

The Meaning of Equality

The Ottawa Citizen:

When his five-year-old daughter's bone scan revealed a tumour that might be cancerous, the man who is now president of the Canadian Medical Association decided to jump the queue.


Dr. Day's experience is one example of what he calls the "parallel public system," a system of social connections that make it easier for people in a certain class of society to get quick access to medical treatment.

Link via Daimnation.

63% Slave

International Herald Tribune:

As a self-employed software engineer, Thomas Sorensen broadcasts his qualifications to potential employers across Europe and the Middle East. But to the ones in his native Denmark, he is simply unavailable.


Young Danes, often schooled abroad and inevitably fluent in English, are primed to quit Denmark for greener pastures. One reason is the income tax rate, which can reach 63 percent.


John Hawkins comments on what the rich can do:

They can move and if they have enough money, they can choose to just live on the fortune they've already earned or go live on a tropical island somewhere with a low tax rate, sipping margaritas for the rest of their lives. Then what happens to the tax revenue they're producing? What about the jobs that they're providing? What about the loans they're giving to entrepreneurs?

They all go bye-bye.

That Tiny Minority

More from Charles -- but about a different imam across an ocean:

The daughter of a British imam is living under police protection after receiving death threats from her father for converting to Christianity.

I'm getting this strange feeling that Muslims really aren't aware of the peaceful nature of their religion.

A study this year found that 36 per cent of British Muslims between 16 and 24 believe those who convert to another religion should be punished by death.

In July an Iranian immigrant to Britain, who converted to Christianity, was saved from deportation after it emerged she would be stoned to death in her own country.

But, but...I thought it was a metaphor!?

Moderate Muslim Imams

M. Zuhdi Jasser on the "flying imams":

I have known three of the plaintiffs in the U.S. Airways suit for almost a decade. Soon after settling in Arizona in 1999, I became involved in the local Muslim community. Before moving to Scottsdale, I usually attended Friday congregational prayer services at the Islamic Community Center of Tempe, Arizona. Often, Ahmed Shqeirat, now the primary plaintiff, delivered sermons at the mosque where he has long been imam. I was struck by the political nature of his sermons. He repeatedly criticized both U.S. domestic and foreign policy and often exaggerated Muslim victimization. He advocated political unification of Muslims internationally and blamed the United States, Israel, and the West for perceived slights.

[Emphasis mine.]

The wet dreams about the caliphate never end.

Omar Shahin ... resides in the Phoenix area and has been the head of the Valley Imam Council of Phoenix, the former imam of the Islamic Center of Tucson, a teacher with the Arizona Cultural Academy, and the imam of the Islamic Center of the East Valley. His hyperbole is typical of the Phoenix-area Islamists. He called the day of his eviction from the U.S. Air flight "the worst day of [his] life,"[17] a statement far more forceful than any he issued after the 9-11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, the March 11, 2004 train bombings in Madrid, the July 7, 2005 London bus and Underground bombings, or in response to any Al-Qaeda video seeking to justify the murder of Americans and noncombatants in the name of religion. Indeed, he blamed the 9-11 attacks not on Muslim terrorists but on the CIA and FBI.[18]

Because Muslims are incapable of violence!

Link via Charles Johnson.