An Excerpt Wouldn't Do It Justice


Francis W. Porretto

You are aware, I trust, that the large vendors of new PCs are virtually all offering XP Pro as an alternative to Vista? Microsoft has failed to compel them to stick to Vista alone, for which God be thanked.

Vista has been such a disaster that it approaches certainty that it will become the next "Windows Millennium" and disappear from the market. For my part, I'm saving my Windows 2000 distribution disks...and my Office 2000 disks...and my Visual Studio 6.0 disks...and I'm finally thinking seriously about porting my development efforts to Linux.

If I, a Microsoft admirer since their CP/m-based compiler suites of the Seventies, am thinking this way, then there's surely a groundswell against the practices Mr. Edlin excoriates. Microsoft didn't get to be a half-trillion-dollar company by ignoring consumer sentiment.

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