We're Doomed!
An Excerpt Wouldn't Do It Justice


Saul Wall

If you don't mind me posting the same comment here as I posted there:

But then, one needs to remember that the most popular male name among Muslims represents a far smaller proportion of their population than the most popular male name among Anglo Saxon stock. Plus the addition of Indian and Chinese and such mean that the story is less informative than other indicators might be.

What I am curious about is not just changes but changes in rates of change. What fraction of Mohammads become apostates and is that rate increasing or decreasing over time? Very difficult info to get, I will grant you. But if the number of Muslim immigrants' children who leave the faith becomes greater than the number who become radicalized and so become more visible, the increasing Muslim population could result in an increasing population of atheist and Christian people of Muslim ancestry who are not afraid to demand that their politicians press Muslim nations to respect the human right to freedom of conscience.

Isaac Schrödinger

That's the trillion dollar question. Will the sane Muhammads stand up against the psychotic Muhammads?

Time will tell. I think that at the global level the bad ones will overpower the sane ones. It will get a lot worse before it gets better.

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