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The Cult of Muhammad

A revealing post on the Muhammad teddy bear story:

The teacher worked at a fee-paying school attended by wealthy Sudanese, and in September - two months ago! - invited the infant-school children to vote on a name for a class teddy bear. The children voted on Muhammad, which just happens to be the name of the most popular boy in the school.

That's right.

I'm no Islamic scholar, but having read the relevant sections in a translation of Qadi Iyaad al-Yahsubi's famous text Al-Shifaa' and heard other scholars talk about the rulings on this matter, particularly in regard to offensive writings attributed to certain Indian Islamic scholars of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it is obvious that this lady's actions do not constitute an insult.

Now the lovely reminder:

For someone to be punished for an insult, it has to be intended, even if not premeditated.

The author, by the way, lives in the West.


Cafe Alpha

I feel a little guilty reminding him the facts of his religion, but I do have some history of conflict with this guy.

It would sure be nice if it were true, what he wishes to claim, that there are no hadiths, sunna or laws making it an offense to insult Islam...

But what do you call Mohammad killing his critics? That's the history and therefor that's the sunna.

Cafe Alpha

By the way I hope this was meant as a joke (from the BBC):

Speaking as a father I do not feel this was a well thought out plan by the teacher. However, I feel that she has done nothing wrong. The children themselves should be punished for having chosen the name of our great Prophet for a lowly bear. The teacher was misguided, whereas the children were malicious. They must be brought to answer for their blasphemy.
Abdullah Al-Zawawi, Sudan

Isaac Schrödinger

That's the main problem.

They do think that an insult to their beloved prophet should be a punishable offense. Many are saying that this woman shouldn't be jailed or lashed because she didn't intend any insult. This is very different from the Western view that every man from history is open game.

Oh I don't think that fellow is joking. There, children are beaten for talking in class, not completing homework or failing a test. "Insulting" the prophet would bring a most severe thrashing. (But remember, Islam is a Religion of Peace!)

Cafe Alpha

By the way, have you seen the "Shit Bitch" bears, "scientifically proven" to get you laid.

They were selling them for valentine's day a few years ago. Saying "Shit, Bitch, you is fine!" on the heart. But they also have "Who's your Daddy?" and "Let's get busy!" bears too. Got to love the slogan "give one and get some!"

Isaac Schrödinger

Hadn't seen those bears before.

I bet there's a huge market for them in Muslim countries. Though, they'll require some tweaking ... "Who's your Abu?"

Josh Scholar

Among the crimes the poor woman has been charged with is "inciting hatred."

"Inciting Hatred!" Isn't that one of the characteristics of evil - to attack the innocent and while always blaming the victim? Completely shameless!

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