Ignoring History

Sex, Blood and Deceit

Daily Mail via Dhimmi Watch:

Women are being given controversial "virginity repair" operations on the NHS, it emerged last night.

Taxpayers funded 24 hymen replacement operations between 2005 and 2006, official figures revealed.

A slight cultural difference:

Dr Magdy Hend, consultant gynaecologist at the Regency Clinic, Harley Street, London, who started hymen reconstruction more than 18 years ago in the Middle East and the Gulf, said: "In some cultures they like to see that the women will bleed on the wedding night. If the wife or bride is not a virgin, it is a big shame on the family."

Apparently it's preferable to con the taxpayers and deceive the spouse.


Cafe Alpha

But it can also be conducted as a purely cosmetic procedure. A membrane is constructed, sometimes including a capsule of an artificial blood-like substance.

As long as they're inventing fake things to pop out during sex, how about more inventive options

They could do the "snakes in a can" gag, where spring loaded snakes pop out, or a jack in the box.


Argh! That just made my mind come up with a horrific option, damn you! Surgically implanted vaginal dentata for the more rabid feminazis. Eeeghghu!

To both vaginal dentata and having sex with a rabid feminazi...

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