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David Boxenhorn

I don't recall you saying anything about India, as a country. What do you think of it?

Isaac Schrödinger

Off the top of my head:

India picked socialism in the Cold War. It's paying for that even now. Plus, most of the people work in the agricultural sector. India has to, at an individual level, move away from that to more lucrative fields.

India is better than her lovely neighbor to the West but parties like this need to be mocked more.

The caste system: Discrimination has decreased over the decades but there are still many who won't allow their children to play with other kids.


Indians have stood up to sixty years of Islamic terrorism. They'll have to deal with probable Chinese aggression in the future as well.

America had a close relationship with Britain in the last century. India will now play a similar role in the 21st.

David Boxenhorn


I find India truly remarkable in maintaining a robust democracy under such adverse conditions, namely socialism and poverty. No other country has done that.

Long term, I'm quite optimistic about India.

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