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Al Qaeda Begins


Josh Scholar

That's such nonsense. Does anyone believe that a tiny fridge is using a significant amount of energy compared with, say, keeping a all of the buildings heated through the winter, or driving cars? I'll bet that every single street lamp on the planet uses much more power than a beer fridge. We deserve better scientists - people who apply some logical sense of perspective.

By the way, I grew up in Saskatchewan where, despite having the toughest set of laws restricting alcohol sales (only sold from government stores that are only open during the week and close at 5 pm.) we apparently still had the highest beer consumption per capita on earth.

Recently I've become allergic to wheat, so I'm drinking barley malt ale more often than wheat beers - no Molsons for me.

Isaac Schrödinger

Hunh. The "strongest" drink I've ever had is a Coke.

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