Liberals Losing Big Time
Appearance Trumps Justice

How The World Doesn't Work

A friend emailed the link to this news:

At first glance the supermarket off Avenida Francisco Miranda appeared to be a gourmet dream. Smoked salmon in the freezer. An aisle filled with Italian olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pesto. Another aisle stacked with Perrier, champagne and the finest Scotch.

But of milk, eggs, sugar and cooking oil there was no sign. Where were they? The question yesterday prompted a puzzled look from the manager. "There isn't any. Everybody knows that. Pasta is probably the next to go," he shrugged.

This is what happens when one disregards the law of supply and demand. Sadly for the miserable public, the socialist thug-in-charge is in no mood to reverse his destructive policies.


Cafe Alpha

How stupid does Chavez have to be to copy the same policy that's causing food shortages in Zimbabwe right now.

Classical Liberal

Every correct-thinking leftist KNOWS, beyond question, that food shortages are caused by capitalism and freedom; socialism brings prosperity and happiness, communism brings Heaven on Earth. Of course, real communists don't believe in Heaven, but cognitive dissonance must be repressed by fanaticism so that the workers may be freed!

{sarcasm off now…}

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