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Early "Education"

This is one of the scariest things I've read regarding Canada:

The Ontario government appointed a special adviser yesterday to develop a plan to implement full-day kindergarten, which would be phased in starting in 2010.


"I'm of the view this is no longer a luxury in a society that lays claim to being progressive and availing itself of all the best pedagogical advice that we can get our hands on," Mr. McGuinty told reporters. "If we want our kids to be at their very best, and I think all parents want us to work toward that end, and I can tell you business people want us to do that same thing as well ... then we've got to start in the early years."

[Emphasis mine.]



If we want our kids to be at their very best, we have to isolate them from their parents as early as possible?



Don't know what it's like in Ontario.

But in Memphis, where I used to live, before taxpayer-subsidized preschool and kindergarten, lots of kids started first grade not knowing their own first and last names, nor the alphabet, nor names of colors, couldn't count to 10, etc. It's not that you can't learn those things at 6, it's that the brain is formatting for learning information at much earlier ages, and if it's not stimulated at that time, you can't make that up later. Kind of like how it's earlier to learn languages before you're 5 or 6 years old. Yes, you can learn them later, but it's way harder. The window has closed. Preschool and kindergarten aren't necessary for parents who talk to their kids at home, read to them and so forth, but there are all those kids who get absolutely none of that. Educable or not, employable or not, we'll continue to share the planet with them after they grow up, so it's in everybody's best interest to make kindergarten available to them.

Presumably people who don't want their kids to go to kindergarten can opt out like any homeschooler.

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