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Absolute Evil

Deviation Shall Not Be Tolerated

Not Muslim Anymore:

Many Muslims say that people who leave Islam shouldn't be killed, but many say they should. This Islam Q and A (Question and Answer) site explains the "good" reasons why.

Oh good!

We also say that the death penalty exists in the modern laws of man to protect the system from disorder in some situation and to protect society against certain crimes which may cause its disintegration, such as drugs etc. If execution can serve as a deterrent to protect man-made systems, then it is more appropriate that the true religion of Allaah, which Falsehood cannot come to it from before it or behind it  [cf. Fussilat 41:42], and which is all goodness, happiness and tranquility in this world and in the Hereafter should punish those who commit acts of aggression against it and seek to extinguish its light and defame its image, and who fabricate lies against it to justify their apostasy and deviation.

Not Muslim Anymore replies:

So all apostates lie about the religion? How does leaving Islam and stating what you think about it relate to the death penalty in modern laws? That is for murderers, not people who want to change their religion!

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read!

Islamic "logic" tends to get that reaction.


Saul Wall

People have a choice of accepting that the book and beliefs they and their families have followed all their lives for generations are false, or at least, not the works of divine perfection they have accepted them as, or they can do a little twisting of logic to keep from feeling like they and their family and ancestors have been manipulated. It is amazing that there are any apostates at all, let alone the growing numbers of them. And that is before the threat of death for leaving the faith.

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