Butter Head?
Liberals Losing Big Time


Cafe Alpha

Just the sort of freedom that matters is completely impossible

Cafe Alpha

Er Wow!

These guy sound too modern to be real, or at least too modern to have a single follower/member. Good luck to them.

I looked for groups like that one for a while.. oh never mind, what I ran into were weak groups with no followers and usually historically and theologically weak arguments (eteraz etc.), and some "reformers" who weren't much different than what they were reforming. I remember the "Free Muslims Against Terrorism" march/rally in Washington. There were more reporters than participants.

Cafe Alpha

They're not going for half measures, they want hundreds of verses taken out of the Koran and want the words 'jihad', 'mujaheed', 'infidel' banned from sermons, as well as mentions of American/Crusader/Christian/Israeli or Zionist occupation since "these terms promote bigotry; at this point in time, Muslims living in non-Muslim lands have more freedoms than Muslims living in Muslim lands"

And the manifesto starts with:
Acknowledging mistakes
The majority of the terrorist acts of the last three decades, including the 9/11 attacks, were perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists in the name of Islam. We, as Muslims, find it abhorrent that Islam is used to murder millions of innocent people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike

And you can't forget their name "Muslims against Sharia"

In my view they're proposing that sane cultural Muslims grab Islam by the horns and flip it over, that they defeat it entirely in one motion and convert their culture into one that's compatible with tolerance, peace and modernity.



The more amusing because, nominally, one of the females is a selectable option for the main character, and the other is an alien whose race have only one gender, the physical appearance is misleading.

Sheer sophistry of course, but I doubt whoever banned it actually went as far as to actually read the blurb.


[quote] And you can't forget their name "Muslims against Sharia" [/quote]

... must be all on the payroll of the Zionist Global Conspiracy TM, I bet.

Classical Liberal

"Another Reason Why Islam Sucks"

Would that be the lack of Xboxes, or the lack of hot girl-on-girl action?

Isaac Schrödinger

The lack of girl-on-girl action, of course!

Burqa-on-burqa just doesn't cut it.

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