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Who Is A Real Muslim?

Tariq Nelson:

A question that I have been asked with increasing frequency by non-Muslims because of my stance against terror, extremism and irrational thinking: €"œAre you still Muslim?"€ or "€œAre you thinking of leaving Islam?"€ or "€œPerhaps you didn'€™t understand the religion you embraced"€

To me, this is only a sign of how bad things have gotten: A ("€real"€) Muslim - in their minds HAS TO BE a person that is pro-terror, narrow, extreme, irrational and has a blood fetish.

It is very sad that some of these people seem to be trying very hard to make the case for the anti-Muslim bigots that we are what they say we are.

Here are only a few events from the life of Muhammad -- the moral gold standard for every Muslim for all times:

(1) He banned interest on money.
(2) He objected to the use of pictures that depicted humans or animals and refused to enter the premises where such works were present.
(3) He married a six-years-old girl and had sex with her when she turned nine.
(4) He approved the killing of all the post-pubescent males of a Jewish tribe called Banu Quraiza.
(5) He then took all the young males and women of that tribe as slaves and distributed them among his companions.
(6) He married multiple times and kept sex-slaves.
(7) He loathed dogs and ordered that they be killed.

Here's how a modern Westerner would likely describe the above.

(1) Idiotic
(2) Irrational
(3) Pedophilic
(4) Genocidal
(5) Monstrous
(6) Misogynistic
(7) Heartless

Is it bigoted to think that a follower of this man is likely "pro-terror, narrow, extreme, irrational and has a blood fetish"?

Note: Of course, not every Muslim completely follows the example of Muhammad. He or she would be an utter moral degenerate if they did. Though, Westerners do have a cause for concern when Muslims passionately parrot the "perfection" of Muhammad.

The numbered items above regarding Islamic canon also lead to a burning question. Why are you still a Muslim?

Islam is not what you individually think it is. It's defined by Muhammad, fourteen hundred years of history and the majority views of Muslims today. Face it, most Muslims do pine for a grand theocracy and a free people would prefer to not live under the nirvana that is sharia -- where Irrationality, Immorality and Intolerance vie for hegemony.


Cafe Alpha

You forgot:

1. He killed his critics, including mere poets. Freedom of speech is anathema to Mohammad, the last and only authentic prophet (according to himself of course).

2. He killed a man who came back to find that Mohammad had slaughtered his people, because he dared to grieve.

3. He told his men that the ONLY sure way into heaven is to die in battle. To motivate them he said that even he wasn't sure of going to heaven himself, but that if they die in battle then straight to heaven with them. THIS is the reason that there will always be suicide bombers, because Muslims are having a hard time finding infidels willing to kill them at a convenient time and place.

4. He made eternal war and conquest a duty on all Muslims.

5. He made oppression a requirement. Charity is to go to Muslims and to conquest - and then only to needy nonMuslims if there are no needy Muslims in the world.

6. He came to hate the Christians and Jews the moment he realized that they weren't going to be impressed with his illiterate ramblings (hint if you want to be accepted as the messiah - step one would be to read the scriptures you're pretending to fulfill - and don't make up bullshit that not only contradicts the scriptures, but makes a mockery of all of their lessons and morals and values). That was the moment he had his rage hallucination and said that God had turned everyone into pigs and monkeys. Good luck making sense out of those ravings, suckers.

7. I have read the claim (if you know what book this is in, tell me) that Mohammad's last prayer was for the destruction of nonMuslims and his last words were to make his followers promise to ethnically cleanse the gulf of non-Muslims.

8. He had no morals and applied none of God's supposed laws to himself. How did he get his wives? Oh yeah he stole some of them. And he had more wives than everyone else etc.... Typical greedy cult leader. His brainwashed followers were drinking his piss. That was a detail I could have been happy not knowing about. But that cleric in Egypt wanted to promote piss drinking because of this.

Cafe Alpha

Should add that democracy is anathema to Mohammad who said, "wherever there are three Muslims there must be an Emir (leader)".

Cafe Alpha

Conclusion, there is one and only one reason that the Muslim world is a backwards hell hole and will always be a backwards hell hole. And that is trying to live "up" to Mohammad's most foolish, insane and horrible example.

There is no Arab culture. The cult of Islam destroyed it centuries ago. It is a cult, not a society. What little is left of its culture is not worth mentioning. Honor killings are pre-Islamic. Yea!

Cafe Alpha

I you try to base a society on madness, hate, unfreedom and terror (such as the killing of apostates by anyone who feels like it, and honor killings) then you get the middle east. It's not getting better - frankly its amazing that it isn't worse. Arabs are doing a pretty good job of ignoring the world's worst religion, but I don't think they can ignore it enough.

Isaac Schrödinger

This is why I started off with, "Here are only a few events from the life of Muhammad..."

I wrote down the ones that came to me and stopped at seven.

He provides a good example on how not to live our life.

Cafe Alpha

I dropped a trackback Nelson's comment section.

Cafe Alpha

Oops, it was deleted immediately!


Cafe Alpha

You're not getting a debate from his lot!

Cafe Alpha

I think I mentioned "Mohammad's example." He might have known what that meant and not even followed the link.

Cafe Alpha

Banned by IP. Changing my name doesn't help.

I tried to ask him if he's so ashamed of Mohammad's example, and can there be Islam without Mohammad?

Cafe Alpha

Interesting to see the Mohammad-like monster he stirred up with this post

Isaac Schrödinger

"You're not getting a debate from his lot!"

They have a few choices -- all of which make them look bad:

A. Don't respond. This includes deleting comments and trackbacks.

For instance, I've linked to a few posts at this blog.

Initially, I used to send trackbacks -- I try to if they're easily available. But after some odd posts, my trackbacks didn't show up. I thought that maybe Typepad was moody...a few days later, the said blogger shows up in the comments of a different blog and basically says that he's not interested in debates with racists or Islamophobes. Yours truly being Exhibit A.

B. Reply:

B1. Defend Muhammad. They lose big-time there. A Western audience would immediately recoil in horror.

B2. Say that Muhammad didn't do those things. They, thus, contradict practically every Islamic history text in existence. Again they lose.

Option A is the best they got.


What The Hell? None of this Bull Crap is true, Who fed you these Lies?!?!?!?!!?

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