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The Sweet, Syrupy Islam

Tariq Nelson:

When Islam was presented to me, I was presented a religion of worshiping One God alone and as a practical solution for mankind’s social ills. It was a road map for improving our lives. I was told about an Islam that is about togetherness, sharing, caring and strengthening familial bonds. An Islam that was about creating communities, doing business together and uplifting people.

This fellow has likely never lived in a Muslim-majority nation.

Later in the post:

I find it very strange that I would be criticized by any Muslim for my rejection of throat cutting, rape and murder as being a part of Islam as if it were a pillar of some sort.

He likely hasn't heard of Banu Quraiza.


Cafe Alpha

There's one Islam for the convert and a different one for his children and (especially, I'd think) grandchildren. You can't break the bad news them all at once.

Isaac Schrödinger

It's like an intergenerational bait and switch.

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