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The Two Battles

The Difference Between Oil and Water

Max Dunbar:

What to make of these writers (who appear in popular liberal newspapers and magazines) who say that critics of religious fundamentalism are no different from religious fundamentalists…just because they are quite passionate in their views? These pundits (shall we call them ‘anti-secular fundamentalism fundamentalists’?) are telling us, in essence, that people who are for free speech and human rights are the exact same as people who are against these things.

Isn't moral equivalence grand? Just say that A equals B and game over. One doesn't even need to think!

The moral equivalence betrays a lack of knowledge, a lack of empathy and a lack of imagination. It is intellectually lazy (because it can’t be bothered to look into its two comparators and find out the difference) and intellectual cowardice (because it doesn’t have the courage to recognise what is worth fighting for, and to make a commitment to fighting for it).

That's the problem: Fighting is bad. Period. We should always try to talk to each other about our differences over tea and biscuits and perhaps even exchange a few gifts. Surely, we can reach a delightful compromise with the freedom-loathing, Jew-hating, women-oppressing, gay-murdering Islamists?


Saul Wall

The fact that you have rejected the tea and biscuits plan out of hand proves that you are intolerant towards lame ideas which makes you a fundamentalist. Don't be a hater!


If you liked that, you'll LOVE this.

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