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The Burqa Heist II: The Burqa Attacks Again

I wrote two year ago:

Whether the concerned societies like or dislike the burqa is not the issue. Do think about it. If the Muslim population in a Western country is 10%, then (assuming all the Muslim women cover themselves) around 5% of the country wouldn't show its face in public. That would be a security issue.

The countries which are not banning the burqa are in the wrong, not vice versa. Security in the Western world is more important than the oh-so-tender feelings of the Muslims.

Now comes this story via LFG:

Police are investigating an unusual robbery in Hiddenite. Someone dressed in a burgundy burka walked into the People’s Bank at 3:45 p.m. Tuesday, showed the teller a handgun and demanded money.

The cops can't even tell if it was a he or a she.

It's quite simple: a face-covering is a security nightmare. Sensible nations and sensible businesses (schools and banks) should have a policy against this.

Click here for The Burqa Heist I: The Phantom Menace.



hey, where the heck are you?

Isaac Schrödinger

I'm right here!


Security aside, it's a matter of pressure within the Muslim community. If the traditionalists and extremists gain legitimacy, more and more women will be pressured, if not forced, to take on the burqah.

Whereas women in the West often wear it willingly, this is certainly not the case in many other states and societies.

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