Slaves of Allah
Offensive Cat Leads to Death

Speaking of Stereotypes

Ummah Pulse:

No doubt, for Muslims, it is nice to see pictures of high profile converts to Islam (e.g. Michael Barry) in important jobs serving the wider community but has anyone given thought to the effect a campaign of this sort can have at a time when large swathes of the population, including many in the Church, are convinced by Neocon propaganda that "Islam is trying to take over Britain"?

I thought it was the whole concept of the sharia-enforcing caliphate which was convincing Brits in this case. Silly me.

Imagine what the leadership of the Jewish community will say if they are told that in order to reduce anti-Semitism in Britain, what you need to do is to launch a national bill-board campaign with large pictures of high-profile Jews (or converts from Christianity to Judaism) working in influential positions? The truth is that they do not take advice at face value nor do they depend on "others" to protect their interests. It is no coincidence that in the latest Pew Research Centre Report, unfavourable public opinion regarding Jews in the USA was lower (9%) than that of every other religious group including Catholics (14%), Evangelical Christians (19%) and Muslims (29%).

When your "brothers" are the cause of terror in the US, Spain, Britain and in the battles of Afghanistan and Iraq, then that might, maybe, possibly, lead to the mentioned unfavorable views.

But then that is not convenient.

Don't despair--we'll always have the Jews neocons to blame!


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