The Quran, Again.
Good Job!



It's so heartening to find another with the same appreciation, the same attraction, the same gooey-centered "isn't it lovely" crooning for what is one of the meanest, most beautiful and well designed aircraft in the world today. With a side order of evil maniacal laughter.

How can people think that's ugly? Same people that think the Apache isn't good looking as well I bet, they just don't appreciate the form that function has.

There's an adage in aero engineering: "If it looks right, it's right" That plane looks gorgeous : D


As beautiful as those aircraft are, THIS is much more likely to inspire love at first sight...

Isaac Schrödinger

Elydo: Glad you like it.

Alex: You naughty infidel!


For a second, I thought Alex was talking about the minigun...

Nuff said probably...

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