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Don't Eat Them!

Saturday Today

Just got a hair cut.

The barber asked me, "So, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?"

"Not much."

"You're not going to have any turkey or pumpkin pie?"

Hmm, come to think of it, I was planning on cooking some turkey legs.

"I'll likely have some turkey but I've never had pumpkin pie."


"Yeah. Though, I like apple pie."

"Apple pie is good. My wife likes to make that."

Two restless kids were present in the shop during this time. Their dad was getting a hair cut, so they had a lot of time to explore the place. The younger one, who was adorable, was about one years old and the other was no more than four -- his name was Anthony. He would be turning off the lights, inspecting the scissors, turning off the lights, turning on the faucet, there go the lights again... The younger one would sometimes follow his lead.

Every few seconds the father would say, "Anthony, don't touch the lights."

"Anthony, stop it!"

"Anthony, I'm telling you for the last time..."

"Anthony, don't make me come over there!"

"[Sigh.] What am I going to do with these monkeys?"

After a few moments, the barber asked me, "Are you fasting?"


With a quizzical look, "You're not fasting!?"


Then, Anthony came up to me and looked at my hair which was of a different color than his. He was amused for a couple of seconds, then he went off on a new adventure.

The barber smiled and asked me, "Are you going to have kids some day?"

Before I could answer, the barber had to go and collect the two rascals from the other side of the shop and bring them to the front seats.

After the barber was done, I paid him, grabbed my rain jacket and went towards the exit. Anthony was there. The door, of all things, had his full undivided attention. He was pulling on it to no avail; one has to push it.

"Anthony, can I pass?"

He looked up at me, stunned.

"You know my name."


Saul Wall

He probably thinks that his full name is Anthony Stop That.

So the barber is surprised that you are not fasting for Ramadan and having turkey and pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving? Is he a quantum barber? Fitting for Schrodinger's barber I guess.

Isaac Schrödinger

I neglected to mention this earlier: After the apple pie bit, he asked me, "You don't celebrate Thanksgiving, do you?"

I've never done so, so I said, "No."

It was then the conversation shifted to fasting.

Classical Liberal

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving? I didn't know; I thought it was a purely American holiday. Perhaps they just adopted it to enjoy a feast with turkey and cranberry sauce?

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