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Cafe Alpha

It's hilarious. Did you see the main page with the drawing of a man taking a sledge hammer to the bouncing green football and the caption:

LGF = Traitors to Western Civilization

Cafe Alpha

Anyway the BNP are an actual racist party. Not pretend-racist, not, I-don't-like-your-politics-so-I'm-calling-you-a-racist racist. No, they're the real thing. Anti-semitic too.

Isaac Schrödinger

Cafe Alpha:

That image with the hammer is comedy gold.

LGF pointed out the possible racist attitudes of the BNP, but this over-the-top reaction, and further evidence, illustrates that they're completely comfortable with the BNP and its ugly policies. The real enemy, you see, is the one who points out the slightly troublesome nature of a white-only, Jew-loathing political entity.

Whatever I've read or heard of Paleos has made the impression that they're a vile, intolerant bunch and this latest news doesn't change my opinion.

Cafe Alpha

I pointed out that they're racists because you called them "Paleos".

"Paleo" is just a joke to represent every conservative that isn't a neo-conservative. Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger maybe most of the Republican party.

I'm not a fan, but I would never equate paleoconservatives with the BNP anymore than I would equate the Republican party with the Nazis.

Whatever I've read or heard of Paleos has made the impression that they're a vile, intolerant bunch and this latest news doesn't change my opinion.

You need to be careful there, Isaac, because much of what you have read about them no doubt comes from the neoconservatives, a group that as a libertarian, I would generally like to see hung for their raping of the U.S. Constitution. The neoconservatives are, in the words of blogger Vox Day, World Demokratic Revolutionaries. They have changed very little about the way that they approach the state from the days that the vast majority of them were Trotskyites.

Paleos' closest analog in Britain would be a fusion of the Liberal and British Nationalist parties. They would certainly expel all of the illegal immigrants from the United States on principle, even deporting their children until they are old enough to claim their citizenship at 18. However, they also tend to place significantly more value on the political traditions of the United States than the neoconservatives. The neoconservatives themselves tend to be very cavalier about such things, preferring their own ideology which makes a fetish of democracy.

Personally, I am very cynical about democracy. I'm a software engineer by profession and prefer to have a simple, well-designed system that the hoi polloi cannot screw with everytime some demagogue riles up their passions. That is where a lot of my disgust for their Demokratic Revolution politics comes from.

Perry de Havilland

"the blog is pro-Muslim, left-wing, politically correct"

Ok, these guys really need to get their eyes tested. LGF is pro-muslim? Politically correct? Well perhaps if viewed from a neo-fascist perspective.

Isaac Schrödinger

Perry de Havilland: Ironically, the flavor of the response by Islamists and these guys is quite similar.

For instance, when an Islamist is merely reminded of the enlightened rules of sharia and asked to reply, the result is usually, "Islamophobe!" or "racist!"

When these guys were told to recall the white-only policies and antisemitic nature of the speaker, they chanted, "pro-Muslim!" and "politically correct!" in return.

It's amazing what the absence of morality and rationality will make one do.

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